I have no idea whether this is a common factor in the States, but I really hope not.

Americans, please tell me is *THIS* what you encounter every day?

I would go completely mad! *lol*

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AYE.WAY up NORTH..............Did yiu see our pics from Beltaine??????
Not yet, but I will take a butchers now!

The Highlands are south from here - you see, truth is subjective after all *lol*

Just found them on your page Celticlassie! Wish I'd been there to be honest! Maybe next year??? Now wouldn't *THAT* be a hoot!!!

Loved the dogs as well!
Yiou know we would love you to visit! You can stay in my magick room! It's our guest room!! then mayhaps my faeries may even visit too!!
I'm checking the map!!
Thank you Celticlassie!
NO MAAM,cute though...I have two border Collie/Aussies and THREE jack Russells!!!!!
Oh they knew about it,but they were so off about the gun laws,it was ridiculous.......It ws on every TV in every pub Pav,When people found out we were from VIRGINIA,it was nurts. Davids son goes to VTECH,actually.People were really sympathetic,but some were just stupid,thinking we all still walk around with gun and holsters.(somedays i wish!)
I live in North Carolina and I know without a doubt that alot of the answers that were given would and could be found very close by. Most of the people that come into the store that I manage couldn't manage to find most of the countries that they were talking about. It's completely foreign to their mode of thinking that anyplace really exists outside of this immediate area, exceptions to this would be Myrtle Beach, Asheville, Florida (home of the Mouse House where everyone wants to go on vacation), New York (big city full of gang-bangers and the Soprano's but very far away) and California (even further away and full of weirdos, freaks and Brangelina). I even had one girl who works for me saying that since she was afraid of flying and worried about hitting an iceburg in a cruise ship, she would drive to Hawaii if she ever wanted to go. That is not made up or exaggerated, folks, honest answer said with a straight face. She was really disappointed when I told her that Hawaii was an set of islands and that there were no interstates going there. A great deal of the people around here get all their information about the world not from the news or newspapers but from television programs and movies. There are some that even believe that the television programs are re-creations of people's lives no matter how outlandish it might be. It's really sad to think about, how our education system has failed. Kids are pushed through school and aren't given the slightest real world orientation. They have no sense of geography and no sense of history because its more important that they be pushed through the grades than for any type of learning to go on.
If I had not spent allot of time in the NC mountains,I would have thought you were making this up,but we camp up there,river raft, and ride,so i know this is true!! LOL H
I I will say Pav,we live around many military families and 5 major military bases,so folks are alot more aware and on to life than in other areas because we are exposed to everything going on first hand because of the military......
cracking up............When we moved to Virginia from North Dakota,we drove to Virginia Beach and first think I asked,"Where is the ocean!".........(I have found it a few times now,It's been 10 years!) HA!


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