I have no idea whether this is a common factor in the States, but I really hope not.

Americans, please tell me is *THIS* what you encounter every day?

I would go completely mad! *lol*

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One MUST take into consideration, however, the whole POINT of this. I dare say only the truly "lame" made it and most "normal" responses ended up on the cuttingroom floor...or were subjected to the "delete" button. That being said, were I walking down the street and confronted with this? I can't say what my responses would be. I KNOW the information, but in this society when we're out and about we tend to "shield" ourselves into our own little worlds. Being accosted, literally PULLED from them, tends to leave us "unthinking" or even incapable of coherent thought. Once we got home and actually thought about it, we'd be HUMILIATED to think we answered as we did, but I can see how it could happen.
For the record? I don't encounter this everyday!
But not everyone is meant to know everything. Politics and wars bore me to tears, so I know nothing about the middle east. But I am knowledgeable in other areas. So it all balances out.

I understand. Some people are so funny when it comes to this and turn into utter snobs. I know very little about the great "classics" of English literature and I have a friend here who's a former actor and a Brit who loves to read. She always makes reference to some author or playwright that I have never heard of and says: "You have heard of him/her, haven't you? They are extremely famous, you know?". Me: I have absolutely no clue who she's going on about and find it funny she needs to say this *every* time. I have explained to her that I'm not well versed in English literature, but for some reason, she needs to make a point of knowing lots about it and essentially putting me down. I look up some of the authors and books but am I interested in reading them? Not at all. I like to read factual or semi-factual books, not dreary (in my opinion) literature from England c.1750.
Usually, when a certain spin is wanted for a news cast, the media will pick respondents
that demonstrate support for the spin.
Fox news does this type of reporting every day.

Check out:


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