I am looking for more information on Celtic Wicca, the information I have found has been very helpful, but I am thirsty for more. Are there any celtic wicca out there that can answer some questions for me?????

Blessed Be

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There are two books you may find helpful. Onw is Celtic Myth and Magick, the other is called Advanced Celtic Shamanism. Try these, I believe they will help. If I can think of any others to recommend to you, I will write back here. In Love and Light
I am a Celtic earth witch. I can recommend alot of reading for you,if you'd like. I folllow the picta wita path,which is Scottish Highland magick. Here's generally what i suggest as starters and of course,there is more as you go....
Celtic History,by Marc Mccollon(Barnes and Nobles). He also puts out Celtic history for dummies,you know the big orange book! I love it!! I got it for my husbandmGREAT basic history of the Celtic people. The Celtic Book of Days,by Caitlyn Matthews. She is a great Celtic author and authority. The history of Scotland and the magick of the Picts,by Ray Buckland. Druid Power by amber Wolfe. Try ebay and type in Celtic books,you'll find quite a few. Also the Celtic book of Wisdom(cant remember the authormI think caitlyn Matthews.

I would be happy to discuss anything with you also.Slainte.Heather.Celtic earth witch in VA
My fiancee has a strong celtic background.... he is studying druidism and we have both been learning a lot..
Aye.Its a continual process of always learning,isnt it? I grew up with hearing the stories of the faeries from my wee Scottish mom and all the heros of the Highlands. You know,it is a way of life,even here in this time,no matter where you live.,based on honor and truth and being a :higher" individual than those around you in the sense having a higher consciousness,being a Druid. The Druids were so infused with the idea if honor,many thought their mistakes in this like (ABRED) would folllow them to Summerland(The other side).

The basisc premis in the Celtic thought,is we are all tied together as one unit,ALL the elements,the Earth,the wee beasties,the humans,therefore the continual Celtic circle,never ending always entwined,as we gain knowledge in one form,mahaps the next life it will be in a different form,maybe the wind,the sea, a tree, an ant,NEVER considered a lower form,just different. When ALL forms are attained we are one with and in the Universe. Enjoy thye broom ride! Slainte.Heather.Celtic Earth witch in VA
Thank you all to replied... I will look up the books you let me know about and start from there... again thank you so much....

Blessed Be
You might take a close look at this site:



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