In my opinion after really studying the idea behind crucifixion, Any religion that has symbols such as a lion a flesh eating predator, and an instrument of torture. I really feel that they are just what I've seen about them . They are cruel, and malicious, yet they preach Love and kindness. What is everyone else's take on the Symbols of the Three major religions.

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I'm not sure exactly what you're asking. Are you asking for thoughts on the meanings and implications behind the various religious symbols, or for our opinions on their validity?
I don't wear black unless I'm going to a funeral. I am certainly a more colorful dresser any way. But What I am trying to get across here is that the Christian symbolisms are of predators and torture devices Certainly not nice symbols for a religion that professes to teach love and kindness.
I'm asking what is your opinion of religious symbols Every time I see a cross I think of the bloody history of that symbol Just as I think about how bloody the History of The Christian religion has been. The same with their symbol of a Lion, a symbol of Predatory beings in my opinion. The Symbols of the Christian Church are predatory Do you agree or not?
Lions have traditionally been used as a symbol of strength. Solar deities are often associated with lions. It is not a unique symbol of the Christians.

Many of the Christian symbols relate to the early history of the church when the followers of that religion were persecuted and put to death, many times by crucifixion or by wild beasts (such as lions). When I was young I was taught that these symbols were of things the faithful had overcome--symbols of adversity overcome.

I don't think the symbols they use are any better or any worse than the symbols of any other religion. I have problems with many people who call themselves Christians (I would dispute their claim), not with the religion itself.
o.k. Maybe I'm not getting the point across. They use symbols of Torture and of predatory creatures , and if you go into any Christian church to listen to how they talk about other people on any given sunday you'd see how those symbols have an opposite meaning. and are totally cobtradictory to their teachings which they never really follow any way. The symbols are accurate for what they really are how ever.
No you made yourself clear--I just disagree with you based on my own experience with that faith.
Eh, I'm a Leo--it means strength and courage for me.

Although people who have really gotten on my bad side may agree with the danger part ;-P.

Thanks for the heads up though--most of my sources don't take SA into account with their info.
eh it is hard to really get on my really bad side. It certainly takes more than most people can manage online ;-P.
History Channel just had a very interesting story on the crucifixion. Maybe you should try History and see if it's available for viewing.
If this is not what you are seeking, then it is my state of confusion, so please disregard.
I'm also not sure what you are asking in the way of (a lion...a flesh-eating predator and a symbol of torture??)
The cross, to christians is a symbol of their willingness to suffer the way of the Lord. Early Christians, before the advent of the cross actually used the pentacle as their symbol ( the uppermost point was for the crown of thorns, the outermost points were symbolic to the nails through the hands, and the bottom was to represent the nails that were in the ankles) through time the symbol of the pentacle was looked upon as pagan, so the symbol of the cross was adopted.
I'm not sure of the symbology of the others in question.
You think Me a lamb Dear girl? Oh have you got your lions crossed!
...You left out the dove, fish, rose, shepherd, lamb, pentagram, mustard seed and probably some others I'm not remembering right now. I would also disagree that those are the symbols of the three "major religions." Those are specifically Christian symbols, Judaism and Islam have their own. If you did the studying that you claim to have done, you'd understand the meaning behind them is hardly sinister.

Specifically, the crucifix is utilized to remind Christians of the suffering of Christ for their sins, the empty cross to symbolize the Resurrection and the hope it brings them. The Lion represents power, authority and majesty-there is a verse in Revelations the makes reference to Christ as the "Lion of Judah"

If you want, you can twist just about any religious symbol into something malicious or defamatory, that doesn't mean that the religion is bad. Religions are comprised of people, and people are cruel and malicious at times. Religion is just one of the excuses used to justify it.
I would have to agree. people were always my biggest problem.


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