Yesterday I was listening to a talk radio program that had a topic on 2012 and the "hysteria" surrounding it. Apparently, there are people who are gearing up for the great catastrophe that will occur in December of 2012. This even is said to be reflected by the Mayan calendar stopping on said date. Personally, I figured the Mayans got tired and just stopped working on the calendar. Yes, I admit that I'm not one to start digging the bomb shelter, buying up survival kits, and beating my chest in lamentation because of the new word-on-the-street. Remember the hysteria of Y2K?

Anyway, whether you are a person of science or faith, read this article and give your thoughts on 2012. Should we start building our bomb shelters and making peace with our maker?

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I think the key is that it will be the end of the world as we KNOW it..........what that means , I dont know yet LOL

So far the Mayan Calendar seems correct, and the end period started from 2008. I havent read the website above as yet, bout to though ;))
But from memory/what Ive read in the past, it states that the technological era has to end as it is going so fast it cant continue, & how people will flock to spirituality & search for meanings to their lives & start to abandon the "fast lane"...........This is supposedly a preparation for those who "survive" to have to start anew & get back to basics & live in a world where $$$ & technology means nothing..........

Thanks for starting this thread Lobita :))

I, too think that the Mayan Calendar is correct. But the way I understand it, it is not that the world is coming to an end as some people fear. In my 84 years I have seen several so-called dooms days that made people kill themselves. The days passed and we are still here.

I believe that there will be an enormous change in the way humanity is "behaving" itself, (or lack of it ) if one can call it that. As Althia said, technology has gone ahead so fast that it , well, let me say it this way, in many instances it went out of kelter. Too much emphasis has been put on destructive technology, not on the kind that could help humankind to a better understanding and life.

Some of the changes are already happening all over the world. The weather pattern for one, vulcanoes errupting, earthquakes etc. In some areas we find drought, while others are facing floods. Mother Nature has been abused too long and lets us know that she no longer tolerates it.

People will start to realize that they have to live no longer with the motto: "Everything for myself and to blazes with all the others". Going back into history we can see that in times when people banded together for the common good, good was achieved.

Recently I found a book by Barbara Hand Clow "The Mayan Code" (Time Acceleration and Awakening the World Mind). I have not yet been able to read it, but looking at the short description, I think it will be very helpful to understand the real meaning of 2012.

So Lobita, don't start digging a bombshelter. If you do not want to buy the book, maybe your local library has it. You may find better answers in it than I can give.

Bright Blessings
I'll look up "The Mayan Code" and see what it says. Thank you for the reference.

MM Althia!

You have Hit the nail on the head!

Its not..a Physical END to the world
but an END to The PHYSICAL world

i.e. and End To The Greed and destructive World....of The Churches and Materialists..

and A return to Balance
Thats What i feel

about Bomb shelters
Well...If They Start shooting off atomic weapons..
It Would Be Better to Die at the begining

because IF the Powers that BE...dissolve the world into a Nuclear Winter...
No matter what WE saw in hollywood..

There would Be NO HOPE..

Everything DIES
Plants Cannot Grow
The water Table IS radioactive
so IF you drink the get radiation sickness
Nobody Will Live For Very Long........Even In a DEEP bunker.....the Equipment For Filtration etc..has not been Tested the Exact Conditions,,,..

In Truth.....the Governments know The Chances of The BIG superpowers doing fairly slim.. an unknown quantity..

But again..i Pray that the Iranian government Fully Understands the danger..

The Technological era....will it end?

great technologies of the past....blossomed and Died Like Mushrooms...

I Guess its Possible...

Thank you Lobita For an Interesting Thread

Consider This!......the the MOST powerful TOOL of Unity ever in existence..

How many People WILL read this thread!.


Hopefully People Of Peace will use the Internet To Unite across the Earth...and Be able To Influence Governments and their Community...Bit By Bit...FOR PEACE ..
and Harmony between all nations

I Stand Beneath that banner
That IS why i am here
and Not Silent!

Daniel Nautonnier
MM Daniel

I like the way you "put it" better ...LOL.........I agree with you ,that is how I see the end also :)))

If it were indeed to be a nuclear war then I most certainly am happy to go first, I wouldnt like to stick around :((

An excerpt from Mayan Grand Elder Wakatel Utiw (Wandering Wolf)">

The Mayan Prophecy says: “Let my big Melody play, let my small Melody play, let my dancers
loose, let my prisoners be free; these are my valleys, these are my mountains.” These are the
words of Rabinal Achi. Why do I say “my valleys and mountains are prisoners”? Because they
are being used as centers for nuclear testing, because they are being perforated without
compassion, drawing the blood of Mother Earth, extracting her oil and minerals that only increase
the contamination and bring about destruction. The mountains are prisoners of men because with
the chainsaw of the big monopolies are murdering its trees, and with it go the animals that inhabit
them. They say that we the indigenous, the country people, and the poor Ladinos are the ones
killing the trees, and only for the small amount of wood that we use for cooking our sacred
nourishment. This is not true. One can never compare the use we make of the trees with the
commercial objectives that the big corporations have with the trees. It is not true that we the poor
and the indigenous are the ones who are killing the trees when we are not even owners of land.
This way of thinking is simply part of the same racism. It is easy to blame the weak. From the
Maya Cosmo-vision point of view, no one owns the land; we are just one more element of life
and of Nature, and this is why we are inviting every human being to help save our Mother Earth.
According to the Maya Long Count Calendar, we are finalizing the 13 Baktun and 13 Ahau, thus
approaching the YEAR CERO. We are at the doorsteps of the ending of another period of the
Sun, a period that lasts 5,200 years and ends with several hours of darkness. After this period of
darkness there comes a new period of the Sun; it will be the 6th one. In each period of the Sun
there is an adjustment for the planet and it brings changes in the weather conditions and in social
and political life as well.
The world is transformed and we enter a period of understanding and harmonious coexistence
where there is social justice and equality for all. It is a new way of life. With a new social order
there comes a time of freedom where we can move like the clouds, without limitations, without
borders. We will travel like the birds, without the need for passports. We will travel like the
rivers, all heading towards the same point…the same objective. The Mayan prophecies are
announcing a time of change. The Pop Wuj, the book of the Counsel, tells us, “It is time for
dawn; let the dawn come, for the task to be finished.”
My freind and I were talking about this last night.... Here's how we figure it went down.

Mayan 1: Hey man, where did you put the rest of the paper? And I think my Sharpie ran out of ink.

Mayan 2: Ummm, sorry dude, that was all the paper we had. And there is no way I'm going back to Walmart to get another Sharpie at this hour!

M1: You know, we're gonna be LONG gone by the time this calendar runs out anyway. Wanna go see if there are any new temple prostitutes?

M2: Yean man, let's get outta here!

And there you have it... The truth behind the WHOLE Mayan calendar mystery. They simply ran out of supplies and got tired of messing with it.... LOLOLOL ;P

Peace Lily
Peace Lily,
Your scenario is too funny! ROFL. As I said in my original post, the reality of the calendar could be as simple as just stopping. I have a novel I started that I never finished. When I'm gone will people start thinking I had some mystical reasons for leaving the main characters on the beach when all hell is breaking loose? lol

I better find that manuscript and finish it.
MM Althia!

I like what you posted. A time is coming when a shift in what humankind is familiar with will occur. People who thrive on the doomsday scenario and people who believe in a "reality" shift are vying for the world's stage. Just the other day I had a relative tell me that the end was near and birds were going to be feasting on the "fleshy parts" of the unchosen ones. Dare I say she thrives on the doomsday scenario?

There is a scientific minded faction that is observing the sun and the sunspots. Apparently, the sun is supposed to be going through a cycle, but the activity that was expected is...lacking. So science is looking at some scenarios that seem to have a 2012 deadline.

As you mentioned, the technology race is off the charts. The phone, computer, camera, etc. you buy today is nearly obsolete the next day. Can humankind keep up? If the activity on the sun and the shift in the magnetic pull occur, what will become of humankind when everything is unplugged? Back to basics? A time to look within and reconnect to what really matters?

Blessed be!
I have yet to see an end of the world prophesy worth the paper, rock, or papyrus it was written on at least when it comes to predicting the end of the world. Such predictions are generally worth their weight in gold when it comes to understanding the time period those prophesies were written in. The eschatology of every religion I've run across has very much been a product of the age they were written in. When conditions change the interpretation of the end times also changes as we've seen with Christianity.

Besides 2012, does anyone know when the next "end of the world" is scheduled? Or have we run out of end dates?
Back in 1988 and 1989, some guy wrote a pamphlet, (each year), entitled, "Why Jesus will come again in 1988" (and in 1989, respectively). Many in the Christain community went nuts, some buying up all kinds of stuff and going deep into debt because they figured they wouldn't hae to pay for it, (VERY spiritual, LOL) Not sure whatever happened to him, but he was obviously proven wrong, hehehe.

Actually, all kidding aside, my sister is really into the 2012 thing and honestly, I haven't ever really studied it a lot. And, honestly again, what are you gonna do about it if the world does end in Dec. 2012? I guess one could prepare to a degree. But I tend not to get too excited about this stuff. Like Marc pointed out, "End of the WORLD" predictions have been around as long as there have been people to make them.

Peace Lily


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