Why can't everyone just say "...one nation, under canada, above mexico...."???

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XD Because that would be hilarious, and make sense. Can't have that. =P
Because were one nation under god remember?.....
My token Born Again was just complaining about how they are taking God out of everything. Personally i think changing it all is kind of stupid. Is it REALLY so bad to just say God? You can't even say the word now? I say the pledge and I don't beleive in the Christian God. I still spend the Money that has 'His' name on it.

Come on people. Now you're just being silly.

I was just being sarcastic, I think in One nation under god, god can be used universally to apply to any god or goddess.
Lol. I wasn't saying that toward you Sylvester. I was just throwing my opinion out there.

same here. Silly was the point of the discussion. I say 'god' when i say the pledge and understand that its a universal term.
At least we have one good neighbor!!
lol cute!
I personally think that they should change indivisible with invisible -- Imagine that ? Instead not being divided, we could be invisible !
Like some kind of nation of ninjas...

Anyway, the original pledge does not mention God. It has been changed a couple times.
Pledge History
Personally, having grown up with the current version, it is my favorite.
1954 I believe -- I think it narrowly beat out "under clothes", but everyone except nudists implied that was understood.
with injustice and liberties to only a few!!!


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