If time travel could be acheved safely, where or when would you go?

I think I'd like to see as much history as possible personally but the UK in the 10-14th centurys sounds interesting to observe. That and the wild west here in the states...

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I know I would be back in the 1500's of the scottish highlands. this is my home and time.
I'd love to just bum around time and soak it all in. Where we came from, what made us who we are today. I'd love to get to know my ancestors too.
Oh aye,great point,I'd meet my clan Gordon relatives,so amazing to see our own past!
I would go back in time to yesterday, wait until I left for work and then go back to sleep for a couple of hours.

Honestly speaking I would prefer to see the future, the past is of great interest and I feel like I could learn so much, and be part of something up and coming, but there is something within me that desires to know what we make of this world in future generations, cure diseases, exploration of solar system (Colonization), other civilizations -- Just so much.
I have to agree, the wild west would be interesting to witness. See how many of the legends weren't what they turned out to be... I'd like to see England at the time of William the Conqueror. That's when my family established there. Also like to be able to go back to get more history on my paternal grandmother's side...it's all lost as no one spoke of the past and all have passed.
Get your vaccinations before you go.
cracking up.you gotta get out of the library,my friend,more often!
1 Thats easy

2 The Moon
because I don't know about you but I don't believe we have ever been there!

3 I guess if I had to pick only one it would have to be the weekend between Chrismas and new year of last year because that was the last time I was with my oldest sister Barb before she died ...
I never saw her again until the funeral 3 weeks later.

The man from Atlantis
A World Without Need

Back in time to the invention and prototype
of the atom bomb, the formula to swipe.

I’d put a monkey wrench in every greedy scheme
That has led to monopolies of genocide extreme.

I’d visit the beginning of corrupt power to see
What happened to humanity so that I had the key

To expose the truth for all to examine
those responsible exposed to determine

How to heal that black heart for eternal peace
Realizing the reality free of war’s disease.

Planting and nurturing integrity’s fragile seed
Of global consciousness in a world without need.
WOW.and I just wanted to go to the Scottish Highlands in the 1500's!


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