Obviously,for me,I'd be in Scotland,in the highlands,but there are lots of interesting places in the wonderful Earth. Other than scotland,I'd go to the Island of Yap,in Micronesia. They use boulders and stone for money!! How about you?

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Scotland, Italy or Greece.
Scotland would be nice... I would be partial though to either Ireland or Sweden though when I think about it Norway or Finland would be nice as well.
What attracts you to these parts, Dave S?
Probably mermaids and water!!!!!! HA!
I would love to go to England & visit Stonehedge!!!
All of Europe! My Husband is Irish/English so we would have to visit there first. Oh, to dream..... ;)
I want to go to Scotland for a while, then England and finally a pit stop in Japan for a few days.
Japan!! Awesome too!! I like Haiku and I'm thinking Hawaii,too.
I would go here too. Diane Fossey IS one of my heroes. I bet you would scare those scarey folk there Sin and the gorrillas would like you! The Virunges Mountains in Rwanda are gorgeous from what i have seen.
There has been much civil war there in Rwanda,very sad. Is much going on now? I read recently that they found,I believe in Kenya,another gorrilla habitat. The gorrilla rings in the buriel was interesting,as they were in the ring,but opened to join when they buried her,Diane Fossey. I read about her in National Geo in school. Maybe you'll still have the chance to go. You know they believe RED hair is the sign of the witch over there.
Naturally, I'd take at least a year of weapons and brush up on my self-defense training before I'd go, semi-automatic weapons in tow. No one is gang raping this chick.

What a response, SIN! *lol* ;)
How did you cope with seeing all that poverty, Paracelsus?


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