I know that this is off topic for this site, but anyone who owns a pet should be made aware of it.

If you own a dog, then please check out the link below. It is a horrific and disturbing story about the way that a company called "Four Paws" treated a customer, who's dog was permanently injured by one of their products.

Read the story, see the pictures and video and you will understand why I say that all pet owners should boycott "Four Paws".

The link was found on "doggyspace.com"


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ok i actually went to the site and read this article,Was shall we say horrifed at the treatment by Four Paws well not use anything made by them or sold under there brand,I am the pround owner of 2 dogs and 2 cats ,thank you for sharing this with people and making them aware of it.
I am not sure we have Four Paws Inc. here but THANK YOU for sharing this Gryphon. I had never thought a ball like that could be dangerous so I'll be careful in the future.
throwing away that pimple ball.................
not sure it is a Four Paws but to be safe
I just though you would all be interested to know that all of the publicity generated about this problem has finally produced some actiion on the part of Four Paws. They have issued a recall of the toy that caused such devastating injury to Chai and other dogs like him.

Hi Gryphon,
Thanks for posting this story here. It was emailed to me some days ago. I posted it in as many places as I could. It is a very disturbing story.

Thank you for talking about this. I work in the veterinary field and it's people like you who spread the word that help the animals and their guardians. There are a lot of products out there that you wouldn't think would be dangerous until you hear a story like this one. Thanks again.
Thank you to all of you who have spread the word on this issue.

It is an issue that is dear to the hearts of many of us. Myself and Aset have our own dog, who can be seen here http://www.doggyspace.com/profile/2841 and we both had previously owned other dogs during our lives.

I have had a number of dogs growing up and seeing something as irresponsible as the actions that had been exhibited by this company in regards to a product that they produced and could create such debilitating injuries to the pets that used it, just raised my hackles.

I also have to say to Karmaherbs, that you have a very cute puppy. Looks like a husky/collie mix.
Hi Gryphon,
Thanks for the compliment! That's Karma - she's an Alaskan Malamute.
She's almost 6 now... That picture was taken on her first day home.

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