Folks, I dug out Ann Coulter on, where she is a guest in a TV show that is called "The View", along with Whoopi Goldberg and some others I do not know. I know politics are a very touchy topics but it is ANN! She even got our Attention over here, and she is not even a politician. In her latest book "Guilty" she once again shows us what a fabulously intelligent comedian she is, I did not read this one to date, I have to wait until it is in the public libraries.

It is not too long, but I think it is perfect for an example of interpretation of facts.

I have the following questions:
Is she a truly subversive comedian or not, and if not, which folks look up to her in your country?
Do you feel that this debate contained sexism, for instance?
Would you regard her as a defender of mothers or rather as an attacker?
Would you come to other conclusions about the fact that children of single mothers are "outcasts", "criminals" etc.?
Do you know or even assume (in case you are very familiar with her) if Ann Coulter did any research on the habits of the males involved?
Do you think it has some judgmental vibe to it or is she, like various youtube users said, making some really good points?

Personally I think that she sees something but heads in the direction of "wrong conclusion".
My favourite moment of the video was another woman asking her if she intended to be a part of the solution.
I do not really have an opinion about her because I have not been to the states, and I do not understand American society at all. To me she appears like someone who is provoking for the sake of provocation not only, but a type of person that really plays with hurt and hatred a lot. I can laugh, she is not my fellow countrywoman.
Your input is appreciated, feel free to display annoyance or adulation, but I would love to understand this movement that she belongs to or the audience she is serving a little better.

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And you forgot, Holly.... she is not a mother... so she knows what mothers go through... single or otherwise.... lol....
I, myself, is not fond of her. I don't like her act, I don't like how she "uses" single women to provoke hate and discontent. There are so many single mothers out there, who are single for a reason, obviously! I was single for a while because of my ex-husband was an abusive alcoholic.

Is she suggesting I should have stayed in that situation? And that if I had, my children wouldn't turn out to be druggies, or an alcoholic, or worse? I just don't see what she would get out of putting single mothers in a spotlight. There are so many parents who have stayed together, for the sake of the child/ren, and the child turned out to be... well, not good. Just boggles my mind.
So you are confirming my thoughts about her not asking any "why" and sticking to pointing out with "facts" that the root of this evil is the single mother?
It may be my perception only...

I would say that you are correct... she is simply sticking the word to mean "woman raising child without man"...

She is not AT ALL taking any factors into consideration.

I hope that when she marries and breeds, her husband leaves her and she is stuck raising her kids alone... it would be poetic justice!!!!

I love Whoopie.....

I thought she was going to jump over that table and rip the little barbie doll's heart out!
She should have ripped out the woman's vocal cords....
Ha... I say... get a man to marry her, then leave her with kids.... poetic justice!
You my dear are a genius!!!!!!!

Now that is justice!!!!!!
I am sorry to say she is serious, rather than a parody. I don't think any culture is exempt from volume over logic types and certainly not from would be leaders who manipulate hate. That being said, there's nothing wrong with her brain.

I can't decide if she is a classic attention whore-inflamatory statements, extreme examples and confrontational tactics or if she actually believes she makes a difference. Again, I believe this to be true in all cultures, but people tend to read political journalists because they already agree with their point of view.
Not entirely. In Germany she would have been "banished" for her statements and very few publishers would dare to put any articles of hers into their magazines or newspapers. While there is freedom of speech in the USA, she would have crossed the line of what is legal to say in public at least on five occasions that I witnessed. I read some of her material, and while the written word is somehow in some weird way tolerable, what she said on TV would have caused huge scandals up to a point where she would have been officially banned from every channel - and perhaps even put to lawsuit for incitement of the people or sedition.
EDIT: That would include punishments such as imprisonment
Hence my irritation.

In the US, the religious right have great power... they are not too far from her views. Since she is not a politician she can say things more out there, so to speak...

Look at Palin (the lady who was running as vice president against Obama), that woman did not believe in abortion even in cases of rape and incest... and she was chosen as a governor in her state and chosen to run as vp....

Adara big IS her influence? She certainly causes a lot of uproar, and she is very good at mimicking this old school conservative male that I certainly would not be excited to see everywhere. Her appearance has a certain charm for it is quite bizarre (I am not that feminine myself, I am referring to something else)
Europeans like to distract themselves from themselves and their own crap with looking at especially US American populists, as long time ago Michael Moore. Now Ms Coulter does one make feel a little sorry for the Americans here because she shows an attitude that would scare a lot of people if displayed by someone who holds power.

I posted this also because there were several discussions regarding children, parent's responsibility and so on. Coulter would be my total Anti, but I think that some might agree with her attitude even if they stay away from her or did not notice her to date. She can be a real eye opener. =/


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