Do you have a specific place for magical workings,ritual,meditation,recentering ,etc in your home? I have my "magick room"which is also my guest bedroom. I jjust redid it in Black velvet,and deep purple. I have my larger altar in there,but several smaller ones throughout my house. I can see the moon out the window,too. There is my staue of the warrior fey,earth from Culloden battlefield in Scotland,Eagle feather,water and fire,a picture of David and me and a seasonal flower. How about you?

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More often than not we do magick in our little garden. If not we use the bedroom for privacy issues. The bedroom itself is a huge altar. We have four shelves upon the walls in the four directions and they have corresponding items on them. I feel it is rather lovely and sacred.
Strangely enough, some of my friends say my house is always decorated for Halloween. LOL
HA!! Mine too,except with RED SOX stuff thrown in!!!

I have a "FAERIE" back deck....and my window sill in the kitchen is another of their favorite places

ALL over a magical home is grande indeed....My house is pretty much encompassed for general purposes in Celtic knots,faeries,gorillas(my power animal),wolves,pentagrams and RED SOX stuff!! My hot tub,is my cauldron too!
I agree. I work everywhere, outside, inside, in my room, ect. I live with my fiancé and his father, and I used to hide my majick from my father in law, but now I don't worry about it anymore. My room has all of my supplies and tools as well as my cauldron and spell casting items, but I travel often and take what I need. I even have a small set up in my suv. I wish I had a house though! my dream is to oneday have a room dedicated to magick and my own yard too! 

EXCELLENT!! I enjoy traveling too......

Due to ppl coming and going here I packed most of my stuff down. Not because I am ashamed I am just scared of something getting broke. So now I have a small mobile one I made that I use. Mind you this is just temporary. I will however enjoy the mobile one when we head up to Boone/Linville in July.
I have children and no matter how much you say No it does not matter so I got creative and at the very end of my hall I have a 5 ft filing cabinet with my alter on top of it It works well But my home is a tribute to my way I have many statuary such as Fae and gargoyles ..I have Ivy growing inside running up my wall it is crazy...I think the most is in my Garden tho
My whole house is just a magikical place. However I love my Fairy garden! As always BB&MM LR
Well, I have a small, simple meditation shrine by my bed that I also use from some spell work as well.
Does anyone urilize an outdoor space or altar now the weather is nicer? David is making me an outdoor space,gazebo/perguloa.....


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