Hey everyone!! This is my first post on the forum here, I'm new to pagan space. (If anyone wants to add me, I'd greatly appreciate it!!) I was just wondering how I can basically sharpen psychic abilities, I guess. I'm not exactly sure how to word my question...

Basically, being "sensitive" (I guess) to spirits and such runs in my family on my mom's side. My great grandmother was pretty freakin psychic. My grandma is too (less than her mom though), but it seems like it sort of has been fading generation by generation. Also I guess because no one really knew how to deal with it, none of us really embraced it, I guess you could say.

My mom had a couple encounters w/ a a spirit when she was about 13, and shut it out since then. I sort of have the same problem. I wouldnt call myself psychic, or barely even "sensitive" really... but when I was really little I had a lot of "ghostly" encounters. Not like I talked to them or anything like some people do (I'm jealous.), but I was a lot more aware of them I guess. It was like I attracted them or something... The problem was I was really scared of all the stuff that went on, and I kinda learned to temporarily shut it off... When I got that feeling that someone was there with me, I would just make it go away...

It got a lot worse when I was in my pre/early teens. I would here them talking to me, but not know what the heck they were saying, and stuff like that. I had gotten so good at shutting it off though, and I was getting so scared, that I REALLY shut it off... Now I'm wondering how I can turn it back on, and maybe be able to finer tune it I guess. It just makes me really curious what potential I could have had for that kind of stuff.

Idk... What do you guys think? Am I just nutty??

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You're far from nutty. I think many people with the gift shut it off due to the influence of the Christians as being " of the Devil". Although I myself do not have the abilities you described, I can sometimes feel presences. In my opinion I think you can "re-attune" yourself to be open to them again...How?, I'll leave that open for someone with experience to answer.
But rest assured Ashley, you're not nutty.
Peace and Blessings on your journey,
Feel free to add me if you wish
thank you <3
HA! I embrace it!! My wee Scottish mom would talk to her whole family at times and a civil war soldier she visited with..........I visit with the Fey on a regular basis! Its all good......
lets see here, this one is very hard to explain because each person is different in his/her own way. I came from a full blown bible thumping baptist house hold, every time I would see or hear something as a child, they would tell me to be quiet. They never told me I did not see it, just to keep quiet about it or people would think I was crazy. I guess I learned to deal with it but when I became 13, it doubled, and each 8 to 10 years sinse. So many questions will never be answered where the paranormal is concerned but hunting ghosts did help me a lot. I was a "ghost buster" long before taps ever came on tv for its first show. Some see or hear more than others, at an early stage of my life I "SAW" mostly, but now my eye sight is getting really bad so that is slowly leaving me. BOY I CAN HEAR THEM NOW! LOL If you would like to add me and ask me questions about this I will do the best that I can to help you. All I can do is talk to you about what has happen to me over the years. Your events will most likely be far different...but real none the less.
thanks so much for your reply! And thanks too for the add. Hopefully we can become good friends. I'd like to talk more with you about your experiences. Mine probably aren't as interesting. The most interesting thing that happens with me is flying clocks. Nothing else. Just clocks... Idk what to make of that one. They just fly right off the wall. Once it happened to me while I was in the shower. I was so spooked I ran downstairs in my towel, shampoo in hair and all... lol
My mother sees hardly anything now, even though she used to like crazyyyyyy!!! But yes, she says she can hear them more clearly now too!!
Has seen Ghosts since I was a child I grew up in a christian household and when I would tell my Mom what i would see she would hit me and tell me to keep my mouth shut, I learned at a young age not to talk about it. I see my Real father all the time, he killed himself 3 days before my first birthday. But hes always around me he even comes to me in dreams. I have seen and from time to time heard other spirits only one has sacred me. I don't know what to call what I do I want to learn more about it how to improve my abilitys. Even though I don't have the answers you seek I will add you if you like. It would be nice to have someone to talk to from time to time about this. No you are not nutty seem normal to me.
thank you. i'm sorry to hear about your parents. it is nice though that your father still stays around you. I'll add you, and hopefully we can talk more. :)
When you were young and scared of your gift you blocked it out,now that you are starting to understand your gift,if you really want to get it back and fine tune it,maybe you should try some meditations. It couldn't hurt to try.
You're simply going to have to open your mind back up and do some serious listening. You might also ask for some help from your spirit guides.
thanks, thats good advice. I'll definitely try it out.
thanks so much for your reply!!!

It seems they really like me too... Your story there kind of reminds me of my sister and I... Do you think we could be portals too?? I definitely used to get touched a lot...lol that sounds weird.
Having an EVP recorder would be AWESOME!!! do you have to get a special kind of voice recorder or can you use whatever??
As Ashley's sister, and knowing was has gone on in both our lives, I would have to say that this "portal" idea is very possible. Even though spirits can be anywhere, nobody has lived on this land (to my knowledge) before us and yet there has been enough activity that I believe it is possible we brought them home with us.
There is one entity that I believe may even have been with us since...well before we were born. Maybe Im just connecting two diffrent stories, but my grandmother used to see a man outside of a window (of a two story house) and my brother BEGGED for curtains in his room for the same reason in OUR two-story. He also used to cry about the man above his crib...
I myself have been touched in the shower (doesnt that sound wicked creepy?) and heard many things. I myself wish to get better in touch with my..."gifts"... perhaps, seeing as we are sisters, we can try to focus our energy together??


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