Alright I got a question for the gay community out there. I have noticed that in the gay community that bi-sexuals are really frowned upon. Exactly what’s up with that? Not trying to put my life on blast but my wife is bi so I found this to somehow be a big deal in the gay community. I went to some gay clubs with her and it was all good until they found out she was bi and holy shit they got pissed, lol. My wife has better luck finding women in straight areas than in gay areas. Pretty weird if you ask me. Now out of all the prejudice of gays and what not and how open minded a lot of them seem to be why the hostility? Why do you have to be either straight or gay? Its like us and them and then there’s people who are in-between it would seem. I personally don’t care obviously but what's the big damn deal?

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Bis are seen as part-timers who don't have to put up with all the homophobic shit all the time as most live in hetero relationships. All social conditioning. I think bisexuals are more interesting, to be honest, male or female, and they seem to be more in touch with whom they are sexually and willing to explore psycho-sexually. I'm Queer, which is a political attitude and refused to be categorised as I see sexuality as contrived and nothing more.
Well said SIN! Accolades to you...(much clapping of hands.)
Sexual identities are the bane to the human condition

Yes, I agree.
There is also kids now days, scenesters and emos, who claim to be bi and they're really doing it to be cool.
Im not gay but I think the way they see it is someone who openly states themselves as Bi instead of gay are trying to seperate themselves from being part of the openly gay community to avoid persocution.

But they are separating themselves, Ascerion. The gay community, like any community, is often bigoted and exclusive. Being bisexual is not the same as being gay. Gay is more a cultural label. You've heard of a "gay lifestyle" but when was the last time you heard of a "bisexual lifestyle"? What does it even mean? Bisexuals usually get labelled by a) the sex they're engaging in and/or b) the relationship they're in. This is why I say it's all socially engineered.
To some that's the emo scene, haha.
They probably might be thinking you are trying to hookup a 3way, which I'm guessing a Lesbian wouldn't be too cool with.

Good point.

I find it funny to read people stating stuff but also stating that they aren't gay or bi. This should be inconsequential.
I just think that what people do with their bits is irrelevant and of little importance when it comes to defining oneself. I love it when I see people introduce themselves as gay before or just after they given their name. Why? Is it really an identity? I find it very shallow to say the least, but that's my judgment. I love aspects of gay culture and I think homosexuality has contributed vastly to every area of humankind, but is it because of their homosexuality or because of their genius. I tend not to put *any* importance on someone's sexuality as for me, it does not define them.
I've seen that show and found it odd. It did, however, normalise homosexuality which is a very good thing. I think kids should be taught about it in primary school and make it normal, as it is very normal.
When I was in high school a doctor came to the school and did a seminar about AIDS (it was the late 1980's) and he identified it as a Gay Disease. And he told us all how gays carried the disease and spread it around.

That's just completely fucked up.
Bisexuals are just straight people that have gay sex every once in awhile.

Or they're just homos trying to conform to social norms...
I think denying any aspect of yourself is a sickness.

I agree. I am very open about being queer but I'm certainly not in your face about it. There's a whole lot more to me than what I do with my penis and tongue =)


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