Alright I got a question for the gay community out there. I have noticed that in the gay community that bi-sexuals are really frowned upon. Exactly what’s up with that? Not trying to put my life on blast but my wife is bi so I found this to somehow be a big deal in the gay community. I went to some gay clubs with her and it was all good until they found out she was bi and holy shit they got pissed, lol. My wife has better luck finding women in straight areas than in gay areas. Pretty weird if you ask me. Now out of all the prejudice of gays and what not and how open minded a lot of them seem to be why the hostility? Why do you have to be either straight or gay? Its like us and them and then there’s people who are in-between it would seem. I personally don’t care obviously but what's the big damn deal?

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It was a couple/few years ago, and it really upset me.
I have no ties to the Cherokee, my great-great-grandmother was Cherokee, but I have always just felt connection to native people though I had none in actuality - spiritual sympathy.

Still, maybe it was sour grapes and I could then say "well, I don't WANT to be part of the Cherokee if they act like that" - but honestly I do, and I wish they had not done this.

I know this was a vote specifically in regards to black cherokees. I don't think it had anything to do with white cherokees - but then again, I suspect most cherokees today are part-white, just as like 90% of native Georgians like myself are part Cherokee.

So there is less distinction between Cherokees and whiter cherokees, but even though blacks had joined the tribe and been part of it for 100s of years, they now stand out.

Keep in mind, two three years ago in america was especially racially charged. Who knows, it may have even been fallout from that republican bastard (abramhoff? Seems like it was another guy, richard reid? can't remember) who scammed the tribes of Georgia and Alabama out of millions of dollars.

I don't know what their excuse could have been, just heard it on the news. The best that can be said for them is that maybe it was a close vote. And they are victims of this same stuff we are talking about - descrimination handed down.

Perhaps more importantly, they have considered themselves Cherokee their whole lives. "There's a tremendous amount of cultural identification that former slaves felt with Native tribes, of shared homeland, food, familial ties," says Tiya Miles, a historian who runs the Native American Studies program at the University of Michigan. Cherokee had slaves. Cherokee also married, and slept with, blacks. And there were blacks who were adopted into the Cherokee tribe though they had no blood or slave ties. They all walked the Trail of Tears with the Cherokee, from the Deep South to Oklahoma.

Read more:,8599,1635873,00.html#ixzz...
sad, isn't it? Doesn't it seem like the same thing?
Gays say they are so proud, but they must have internalized some of the loathing they are subjected to if they can pass it on to bisexuals.
Mexican-americans in Colorado are surely second-class citizens in many ways, but by insisting on the gulf between them and the third class, illegals, they are enforcing the system that still,and always will, exclude them. And they do it with racism, calling them names, etc. I heard a very dark skinned person here refer to MLK day as "Nigger Day" and it shocked me, but I understood in a way.He thought it would impress me because i am white. I hate it that white people have given ourselves this image - it is due to our racism that we are the only race that is in any way "inferior" - and we keep projecting that on others.
My friend is italian-american and married to a black woman. He;s also in the Tea Party. For him, it is because his parents immigrated legally and he resent people cheating the system. But he quoted a comedian, Carlos Mencia maybe, who was speaking on racial profiling of Arabs, saying "it happened to the blacks, it happened to us - it's just your turn"
The problem with this is it should not be happening at all, so just because the focus shifts does not mean you are "off the hook" - the racism is still there against you, just there is a different focus. And for those of us whom it has not focused on yet, we'd do well to remember that quote "when they came for the Jews I said nothing, because I was not a Jew..." etc

We have to stop playing this game and come together, over everything. We still have to argue with people that the planet is in environmental jeopardy, but it is that type of thing that we NEED to unite us in common cause.
I myself find it to be a slap in the face. I have been called confused and also been called a cheater. I have been out and proud as a bi-sexual sice I was 14. My hubby finds nothing wrong with it either. I have had gay friends who told me they thought it was worng that I can not make up my mind and my response was " Do I judge you for what you like/love?" Most times they back off and leave the subject alone while around me. I also have other gay friends who think it is the coolest thing. I really could care less what people think about me. Most people assume in the long run and by continuing to assume things they are only becoming more confused themselves. If I am considered a part timer then oh well....... better a part timer than no timer at all. I could be celibate and never let anyone have fun with me, then where would these people be. By the way I maintained a long time relationship with a lesbian and she was cool with me being married. I never had another female relationship while I was with her (a sexual one that is!!!). She was not only cool with it BUT she also slept in the same bed with my ex-hubby and I. BUT she did not maintain a sexual relationship with the hubby, just me. People will have opinions forever. So unless everyone gets lobotomized and reprogramed to think the same, we will always have "problems" such as these.
And this, PhenyxRizing, is the bottom line for me:

I really could care less what people think about me.

And the other thing I'd like to add is that people should never have to explain themselves to anyone. I live by this "rule" as it saves me a lot of hassle. If people don't like it, or feel the need to judge, let them, and let it be their problem =)
Another way to look at it is if they feel the need to judge others obviously they are really judging something in their lives and feel the need to exert that energy on someone else because they themselves are lacking something. Be it courage, true to oneself, or even self esteem.


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