How many would chuck it all and take the Voyage??

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For those that take the plunge, you will come across things like;

This is worth watching, at least to me. Life leaves tells, observation picks

them up.

In the article they stated that this planet is part of the Alpha Centauri star system. The Robinson family, Dr. Smith, and Don have already attempted the journey in the TV series "Lost in Space." I would venture to say that anyone else who would attempt such a journey can put their head between their legs and kiss their ass goodbye.

Actually, they wound up in another part of the Universe. Living not just Existing!

We are all living, just not existing, though you may not realize that.

Fascinating.  But I'd want a little bit more info before taking the trip.

Does it have a breathable atmosphere?

Does it have a liquid metal core that generates sufficient magnetic waves to stave off dangerous radiation?

Does it have an ozone layer?

No point in going if it doesn't have all of the above.  If it doesn't, we couldn't live there anyway, no matter how much water it had.

Actually, these kinds of planets have become a dime a dozen. They are discovering new ones almost every month, and the XO's now number in the thousands.

But I think the complexity of an earthlike planet is far greater than the simple existence of water, but  indeed possible that the ingredients for life exist out there somewhere.

Human habitability would depend on an ozone layer, amongst a myriad of other complex geological and atmospheric factors, that having all of that in one place at one time, is extremely unlikely. It is far more likely, even without a layer of ozone, that the ingredients for life could still exist in forms of carbon and amino acids, and whatever process of ecological and living evolution would have to be in place, who knows. All we know is that it was almost a 4 billion year journey to get to the point where life began as we know it, on this planet.

But I can tell you that if we ever have to leave this planet for another one in order to survive, we are in a hell of a lot of trouble, Mr. Hawking....

 on super Nintendo there was a game where One constructed a Planetary

Bio Sphere, loved it.

  Here is game review;

To me, finding other planets just seems like the natural thing to do in a science based world.  Our technology is taking the route of making various body parts in an attempt to prolong life by replacing the parts we have, and who knows what we could end up with.  We may not need to have earths entire environment.  The biggest problem I see is that exploring other worlds may be 'for awhile anyway' only for the very rich.

The owner of Budget Inn & Hotel thru $750 million of personal funds into

inflatable space rooms. Here are others doing the split;

You only live once right? I'll load up some Ziggy Stardust and jump on a rocket!


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