Searching for answers/clues/possibly advice of those more knowledgeable or experienced.

In 2004, a woman from India who is now my close friend went through a trying ordeal during which she had a dream that she still recalls in explicit detail.  I will recount as best I can.  She was sleeping and awoke and walked to the open window.  Outside there was a "burned man"   The man touched her.

She says that she has a sickness.  She says that there is something trapped beneathe her rib cage.  She suffers through periods where she feels as if she is burning from within.  She says she is dieing from this sickness.

We talk and talk about what this sickness could be from and how we can help it.  She has even consulted religous (Muslim and Christian) "healers", had ceremonies performed.

Part of me (not sure if the 'right' part of me) feels this sickness is somehow her way of emotionally/mentally suppressing or possibly expressing her feelings arising from the ordeal in 2004.  I am so confused though.  She is asking me for help and now I am asking others for help.

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I totally agree with lateaprilrain...make her see a medical doctor. The testing will find out if there truly is something wrong with your friend. A spell to make her more accepting of western medicine may be in order...but it's worth the health of your friend and your sanity to try it...
Take her to a real doctor. A burning sensation in that area can be cancer or pancreatitis.
Thank you all for the replies. She has been to medical doctors several times over the years and they have all given her a clean bill of health. Though I do not know the quality of the medical care that is available to her.

I really wish that she could see a mental health professional also. But I do know that this is both very hard to find there and she is also opposed to the idea that she could somehow be suffering from anything related to mental health.

My gut tells me that the answers lie somewhere in between mental/emotional AND spiritual healing. I do not have a formal degree in mental health, I'll say that upfront. But for awhile I did pursue one and I feel that, in lieu of a real caretaker I am working with her on at least a basic level mentally and emotionally. What I am really hoping to find here is spiritual advice/practices that may help.
A few more details....

She has told me that the thing inside her causes her to do things. Examples I can remember involve ways of acting towards suitors and a very interesting one being that the spirit forced her to look into the eyes of Hindu statues which is forbidden in her religion (Muslim).

When suffering from her sickness her actions are impetuous and she often regrets things she did while feeling the warmth. She describes some of these things as cruel, though as the situation is described to me her actions seem not out of the norm.

She yearns deeply to find her life partner. This is a constant theme in our discussions. I dont know if this is directly related as it may just be a seperate issue simply arising from cultural expectations. One final note on this...from my observation she tends to pour her heart out only to have it trampled on again and again by men who after have been helped by her move on. (I'm not man bashing, truly not, this is just how it has been for her.)

And one last clarification..she is open to help of all kinds. We already work with tarot and she would not balk at a ritual or concept that is outside of her Muslim upbringing.
ok, you say she has seen a physician and has a clean bill of health. Can you tell me her age please. India has a pretty good medical where it is availble that is. If she is an internet friend, I have to assume she is in one of the larger city's that has medical facilities. Thyroid has the symptoms you have discribed. It also causes mental issues and many doctors don't check for it until a patient is in their 30's or above. So have her get that checked ok.
Now this burning man was a dream right. Not an actual happening.
Her religion sets her up for the whole life partner thing. She don't exist without a male in her house hold. It's there culture.
She needs to improve her self esteem and become empowered. I suggest you find a good life coach for her to work with. These things will help her with not only her mental issues but also in getting a decent man in her life.
Now you want a ritual that will help her. I'm sure you can come up with an empowering spell for her and also she needs to secure her house with protection spells. This will give her the ability to take action against what she thinks is attacking her. Now her culture does believe in what people call dark magic, so a good cleansing of herself and her home, will help her take action against these dark forces also a tailsman or charm for her to ware will help her. I'm sure you can also work up a ritual for all that I have mentioned. If not, check with some of the groups on here, there are several that post good spells for all of the aboved mentioned. Oh through in a health spell just for good mesure, and tell her to cut down on the curry. Not healthy for her. All spells start with self.
She is in her early 20's and this has been happening since 2004. She lives in Hyderabod, India which I believe is a decent sized city. And yes this "burned man" was in a dream.

A life coach sounds like a good idea. I will have to look into this as I don't know much about this sort of thing or really how to go about connecting her with someone like this.

Ok, so I am nodding my head and saying yes, yes =) Empowering spell seems 'just what the doctor ordered' And all the other magickal tactics also seem very good advice. Thank you for starting me down a good track on this. Feeling like I know just enough about these particular things to get started. "All spells start with self" will let that thought help guide me on this.

Going to make her get her thyroid checked. I hadn't thought of this eventhough I have trouble with my own and know how it can affect body temperature.

I appreciate the time you took to get involved in this, as I do of all who have responded.
Shucks no problem, I do this all day
Is it too much to ask what the trying ordeal was in 2004
Not at all. A marriage was arranged for her. She went to live with the man's family in another city. Her husband was low to moderately mentally handicapped. The family basically trapped her at their house and did not allow her to see or communicate with friends or family. I do not know exactly the details of this, but I know she was frightened a great deal. This went on for several months until her family came and brought her back home. The marriage was legally annulled.

Although the family treated her as a prisoner the man she married was very sweet to her and I believe she loved him. She wonders to this day what has become of him and I believe feels a great sadness for him.
Since this seems to be metaphorical for her, maybe if she uses art or music to express this it might help.
She could draw, write even act out or dance what happened to her, and construct a way to cool the burning. Or she could relax and recreate the dream as a daydream but this time make the outcome different. It could snow or rain and put the fire out, she could close the window before the man gets to her.
Visualization is powerful and it might give her the sense of control over her body that she might be lacking from her past experiences.


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