Magick is suppose to be the endless possibility of the mind. When we practice the Craft we are suppose to be able to form the magick through ritual as well as acts of the divine. Yet the question I have is why is Energy limited within our realm.

In theory I should be able to take my energy convert it on scale then put it back into the universe as well as physical change that energy so that it produces a form of magick that can be used to change or altar the very make up of our physical realm. In theory I should be able to take the energy around me form it into a shield then take that shield and use it to push myself up into the air or use the energy to fly away.

By theory magick is not suppose to be limited yet as we see this realm we have limited our own energy into a form of limitation as Can and Can not. Physically we can not altar the very core of this realm because the laws of physic say. Yet my mind tells me there should be a way to use magick to change or altar the very nature of all things. What is it that limits magick? Why won't the theory of energy work to the point that it should work if I believe strong enough that magick is real?

Most people tell me we can not altar or physically change our body, but what if we could open up a thought of energy that is not limit to this realms physical limitations? How do  we effect the physical as well as the non-physical and why must our brains say it is not possible to preform these acts of magic? Why must our mind be limited to the concept that we are limited within this realm on the things we can do with energy? What must one do to break the limits of magick that keep it from working like magic theory says it should?

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Magick is suppose to be the endless possibility of the mind. 

That's one way to look at it, conceptualized as Stored Energy

Yet the question I have is why is Energy limited within our realm.

You hold a particular belief in the 'Divine' (however that takes shape in your mind) thus you place limitations on Energy.  You say 'our realm' as if we are somehow separate from other things.  At the atomic level, we are just as much a part of the particles that makes up the cosmos. a chair, other creatures, etc.  It's the 'energy' that holds it all together.

In theoretical physics, matter can be reduced to energy, to 'pure light' but it begs to question - what is Light?

You have to ask yourself if the Laws of Thermodynamics stand, or are they figments of our imagination?

Makes me wonder what is within the light we see as well as the mass we feel. If the light is the reflection of our eyes on the base of physical energy then the mass within which energy is contained in this realms physical body is depended on mass as well as light. I'm wonder what keys are there.

The belief is that a long time ago there was true magic within this realm before the realms split. We lived within harmony with other beings of pure magic. This world contained the spark which we call magic. When the other Beings left this realm during the time of the split we lost a important part of magic that allowed us to connect to a certain level.

You may also find this article interesting:  How do cells obey the laws of physics?

I was given a answer through the night and that answer is plants. If I use a shielding that acts like a root system then I can expand that belief of the root system to take in energy just as the plants do naturally then convert that energy and use it to fuel my root system in ways I have not be able to do using the natural physics of this plants law.

My shielding will not only protect but will also transfer the energy and grow it into new ways of using. Before I used the root meditation which was imagine a seed then grow that seed into roots to spread as a shield around. The shield is then used to channel the grounding of negative energy and keep positive energy in. From this I would connect the roots down to the ground to release the energy.

So if I use the same root system to connect and root myself to the Core of the Earth energy I can then use the energy of nature to produce more living energy around me just as this planet creates new life with plants I can then take the physics of natural photosynthesis to change the nature of the energy as a Earthen Witch.

So then, it's all mental?  Is Energy then, a figment of your imagination?

Imagination is the Engine of discovery!!

Intent, will, desire, belief, and visualization. The stronger I make the belief the stronger the will become as I visualize my desire. Meditation and channeling.
I'm not sure about flying, but you inadvertently made a good point. Drawing energy from the Earth and using it to form a shield is a common technique of shielding. The "root" method is one I'm familiar with for grounding, but certainly could go the other way to draw energy, certainly.

Using energy from the Earth is just like using the energy of herbs, stones, candles, etc. in a spell or ritual. What you do with it is up to you, really.

No.  Magick is supposed to work with, not against the laws of Physics.  Could extremely powerful magick grant you wings? possibly. could it hollow your bones? possibly.  You would still need to learn to fly, and figure out a way to eat enough food to give you the energy in order to not collapse from exhaustion.  There's a reason no flying bird is our size.   The Laws of Physics are not there because some guy said they are, they define the structure of the universe.  Magick cannot change the rules of the universe, because magick is a part of the universe.  You cannot change the rules of the universe, no matter how you might wish to, because you are a part of the universe.  Now, as to your shield theory: it is possible, but it would require an immense amount of energy (working on the same principle as an airplane or a rocket), an amount which very few humans are capable of channeling safely.  Also, you'd have to be absolutely sure you could maintain concentration even in the face of strong winds, cold temperatures, and distractions.  Again, not something that very many people are capable of under the best of circumstances. Magick is not the endless possibility of the mind: magick is using the laws of the universe to help you in your endeavors. 

This is a great reply :)

You used the word "limit" quite a bit in there, heh.

As a practicing Druid, currently in the school of Bard, I have to say that this misconception of "Energy Magick" is a common one. Coming into tune enough with the universe's energy to be able to reach out and manipulate it is a big step towards your enlightenment, it's why it's usually one of the first steps taught in most Pagan practices. What do I mean?

Meditation. Meditation is one of the first things we learn, and it is also "Energy Magick", as you'd like to put it. Energy moves through you regardless of your knowledge of it, but with Meditation we chose what energy we want moving through us and what we want to push out, we filter it. That is energy manipulation; are you physically altering anything on the physical plain? No. But the energy intertwined with your being(some call this your spirit) feels the change of other energy flowing through/around you(some call this your aura) and it can relate better or worse to it, in turn, making you feel happier, relaxed, sad, angry.

Why did I describe that? Because energy working or "energy magick" is not taking energy and bringing it to the physical plain to physically interact with stuff. It is manipulating energy on it's own plain to connect with the energy binding to something physical and influence it. You're confusing the physics energy, and the spiritual energy, which are not the same thing when the term "Energy Magick" is used. The energy you're speaking of is created/altered through the use of physical actions. This is why some call it spirit magick instead, to avoid confusion.

I'll be discussing spiritual energy. Energy, as someone else mentioned, works with the laws of the universe, not against them. It flows through and around the physical coherence of the universe, it binds/connects to it's spiritual "stem" and not the object itself. So will I ever be able to lift a rock with "energy magick"? No... I could change the energy connected to that rock to a happy or sad one; the next person to get that rock would have their internal energy or "spirit" touched by that rock's though.

Then again, my practices and studies in Druidry differ from others, and I may be wrong, there may yet be a way to physically alter the physical plain with spiritual energy, so far, this is just my experience though. I do love to learn though, so tell me if you discover anything.


Actually I have been forming a ritual as well as a meditation on this. The ritual the pan gave me is 4 totems related to the Lord of the forest. A vile with water gathered from a river by moonlight. Grave moss within the vile, moonstone, and a acorn. These are placed upon the totems.

Yew tree staff within the center of the square. Holy water spread around the yew staff. A talisman hanging from the staff to direct the energy. Celtic sea salt around the square for the circle. Still working on the rest of the ritual. It is what the pan has given me so far.


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