A Witch will recognize another witch on sight. I believe this is true. Now when I say 'witch' I'm not talking about someone practicing Wicca or any kind of gnostic-magical system. Just simply having a "feeling" about a person(s) in your life who you think would have a natural knack for the occult. Just strange things happen with this person.

     My "witch sense" tingles with a co-worker of mine. Co-worker is very athletic, very smart (okay sometimes my other "senses" are tingling but thats not the point *lol*), and a devout christian. Even before this guy opened up to me about some of his "psychic" experiences (not a word he used by the way) I just knew he has what I call strong spiritual forces with him. There have been many times working together when one of us will say "I was just thinking about that!" lol

     Anyone else notice this with someone in your life. Someone who may or may not be a "witch" but the instance you met them you just intuitively knew they may have a natural gift for magic?

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I  had it happen a  few times  actually.  Biggest one  was  when I  was in New Orleans  2  years ago for Samhain and  went in to   Starling books and Crafts  and  the owner Claudia came out   and  just looked at me   and  said " I  was wondering  when  you  would find  your  way  here to me finally." I  just happened  across  her  store  while on a  walk in the  French  quarter with  my  Boyfriend. it  was  kind of  cool.
Every now and then I get "that feeling" about someone...I remember getting it from someone, only later to find out she was a devout Catholic!  However, she did come across that way...
Yup even some of those Fundies have the abilties .... I know of a few people like that.
THe cocept that "we know our own" varies with the intensity of the operson,i believe. I have had many amazing experiences with njeeting folks tuat wee connecvted to each other. In Scotland,we met a gent,5 minutes upon going into a local pub for lunch that IS my brother frionm the 1500s......he walked in and David says ":thats our new best friend" that was 5 years back and we keep in touch and knew who we were right way. I had a little girl come up to me at St. Patricks day outing last year and started asking me about what thye real faeries were like. Her mom said faeries is ALL she talks about.........many,many more

I've had this happen to me once. There was this girl in my class that when everytime I passed her or she passed me, I kew that there was something more/deeper to her than just what the world saw. One day we got to talking and she told me that she was into the occult and that the minute she saw me, she knew I was 'different' as well and we hit it off like that.

some i notice their aura exploding with color some i just can't tell, maybe because i haven't met too many in real life, but, i know for damn sure my psychology teacher has to be a magician he has an explosive blue and purple aura. he literally glows. and everybody else in the class is just a normal white glow.
Well it's those pointy hats they wear and the long black dresses; kind of hard to miss really.
Yup,thats what gives me away.well,I cant get those hats over my hair
O dear Goddess love this song and JOE!!  HUGS RIT!!!
Aye,I chose to self label,case I get mistaken.LOL


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