A Witch will recognize another witch on sight. I believe this is true. Now when I say 'witch' I'm not talking about someone practicing Wicca or any kind of gnostic-magical system. Just simply having a "feeling" about a person(s) in your life who you think would have a natural knack for the occult. Just strange things happen with this person.

     My "witch sense" tingles with a co-worker of mine. Co-worker is very athletic, very smart (okay sometimes my other "senses" are tingling but thats not the point *lol*), and a devout christian. Even before this guy opened up to me about some of his "psychic" experiences (not a word he used by the way) I just knew he has what I call strong spiritual forces with him. There have been many times working together when one of us will say "I was just thinking about that!" lol

     Anyone else notice this with someone in your life. Someone who may or may not be a "witch" but the instance you met them you just intuitively knew they may have a natural gift for magic?

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I have this happen quite a bit, I had an acquaintance for many years who I got a witchy vibe from but she seemed uncomfortable whenever anybody brought up anything spiritual so I assumed that she wasn't into religion or spiritual stuff and didn't push it but it turned out that she was just deep in the broom closet and didn't want anyone to know about the pagan beliefs.

I work with the public and sometimes I will be dealing with someone and just 'know' that there is more to them than meets the eye magically speaking.

(((Nods head in agreement))) 

I enjoy this and have made it my job to recognize these people when I meet them and communicate with them in some way. Its fun;)




Sure, I've been able to deduce that a complete stranger is a witchy sort once or twice before. Of course, I've also been able to tell when a complete stranger is a total nerd before too. I think it has more to do with noticing similarities between yourself and a person. Just little things about how they dress and act and talk.
Oh yeah that has happened often. Isn't it cool to be a witch..lol.

It does happen. It is the energies,connection,or a big ass pentagram at times.......When I was in Jamaica a few years back,I had a lady on the street call me the Magick woman. It is a nice thing,to be sure.

yeah, several times. alot with my mom and my husband....but both are christian.
It happens quite a bit...the problem is while I may know they have a spirit connection and magickal ability they don't know and may not want to know.
Have you told them,then,if you can?

It depends on the person really. If I know them well then yes I have but if I don't it's just easier to keep my mouth shut. A few of the ones I knew and said something to have actually been practicing witches for many years, one is newly interested and three told me to "bug off"...lol  Oh well, it's their loss in my opinion. I told my honey I felt he was full of powerful energy...turned out he possibly more powerful than I am and he's only just celebrated a year as a witch. I've been at this for going on 16 years...lol   I use him as an energy draw...lol

I see it as such too,depends on many variables too....Some people are just fascinated by it,when you recognize that in them,others mayhaps it just scares. BWITCH,for the longest time,just didnt want to embrace or work with her own energies. it took a long time for her to be comfortable to use her powers and manipulate them
I know this question wasn't directed at me but I'm gonna answer it anyways. In the case of the co-worker or just random person I would just keep my mouth shut about it...I wouldn't want to come off like I'm trying to "convert" them by saying "Hey you'd make a great magician/witch!"  Even though in my opinion you could be any religion or have no religion and still practice witchcraft as a magical art. But still I think it would feel like prosetylizing to me and would make *me* feel awkward so I could just imagine how'd it make the other person feel. lol

Mostly when I run into this, I will just nod at them and smile while letting whatever mental messages that need to be passed back and forth to do their thing. Its like a bell or ricochet feeling. The powers like to touch us both when this happens. Sometimes the other person looks confused and doesn't know what to do with it. Sometimes the person really knows what's going on and they send messages back and nod too.  Its really cool;)


Once you get to know the person better by spending more time with them (if its not just a random encounter and its in the possibility to do so), then you can have even more fun as you two read each other's thoughts without trying and more fun stuff. This is how some covens can naturally convene:) Things just start happening between you and there is no need for beliefs, but you have the desire to mark your experiences in some way and grow them further. That is where the entrance and rituals come in. And so it grows....unless the others freak out and go. This is a secret of witchcraft I could share with you. Enjoy:)


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