So this is something I randomly came up with.Hope you like it!?!

To find the truth one must first seek out knowledge,face their fears and come to terms with themselves.For within every search there is an obstacle to behold.And when in time you clear this stage the truth stares you within your face but be careful now and make sure in which the knowledge you seek is what you need for behind all closed doors and alleyways,dark corners and crevices lies a secret so deep.This secret is of every man,do you wish to find it.Knowledge is power and power means knowing.It means accepting what you cannot change and facing the very thing your afraid but in the end should you survive you would be glad you chased it. 

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"It means accepting what you cannot change"

All accept this part. I have not found anything I cannot change, in time.

You cannot change the fact of nature and that one day you'll die as will I and everyone else. No escaping that bit.

Your opinion Xoc, not mine.

Death is necessary for life, I have a difficult time seeing how that is a matter of opinion. Hopefulness, wishful thinking perhaps, not opinion. Reincarnation, afterlife... still requires the experience of physical decay. Please, reiterate on how this is opinion, and not wishful thinking.

You choose to believe that death is necessary for life, because you choose that limit. I do not choose that limit.
Most people choose to believe what they were taught as facts, I choose not to. By choosing not to believe in the limits that are said to exist, I am able to change what is known by exploring unlimited possibilities.
A simply question of what if, opens an amazing door if you do not fear walking threw it.

Death and life are necessities of nature. It's some new thing to believe they are separated. Go into the forest and survive, watch a brave wolf hunt for his food and feed off of the carnage.

The food you consume once had life, there is no difference in its death than yours. I would show some respect - you too will give life with your death some day.

It is only fear that you would try to deny what the truth is. There are certain things in life that what you say is true, some things are based on belief rather than what truly exists. Your body will decay, even the gods experience time. You can not, and will not stop it. As hard as you try to believe. Many have come before you and attempted the same mind set - they have all perished in the slow hunger of time. There are just some things - that you do not have the knowledge to change. Your life, was not chosen by you, your death may be just as erratic. Not accepting your fate is irresponsible. Do not spend your life attempting a mind set that does not exist.

Go take the moon out of the sky, and I will believe you capable of anything.

It's a fact that people will die and it is also a fact that this has to do with life. If it lives, it dies. This is the same concept about destruction allowing for new growth you were speaking of in another thread, Kixs. So, if you're now denying this, I don't even know what to tell you.

"IF it lives it dies".....agree,mayhaps Kixs point is the continuation,from life to death,life to death that is a continual process.??

I thought that as well Faerie Queen, that is why I typed, "Reincarnation, afterlife... still requires the experience of physical decay." Just to make sure. does,but mayhaps the transformation is so progressive,how she sees it,much as I do,is more instantaneous...My path is A continual circle.

No Lass I meant exactly what I wrote. No reincarnation and such. 

Thank you for trying to make it understandable for others, you try so hard...your a sweety ya know.

Xoc, Why do you aquate distruction with death?


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