This has been going on for four years on and off.

A man will call our land line at home and be selling "internet porn", even though I nor my family have ever bought porn. When we ask what 'website' he always says 'oh, you know what website, don't play coy.' I have blocked several numbers but every time he calls it's from another number entirely. Those numbers, when called, are other peoples homes & work places and they don't know what the hell I'm talking about when I tell them what has been going on. This leads me to believe that he is buying numbers from companies and using them....

A few months ago he began getting more and more serious. Instead of calling just to sell 'porn', he started calling saying we ordered '20 pizzas and we need to pay" or he will call the police. Then the calls escalated to him wanting to 'get to know me' and asking what I 'look like'. Sometimes these calls happen at night, early in the morning, and even only 5-20minutes after each other. 

Today it went over the line.....

He called like normal but this time selling pizza. I pick up and told him we didn't order anything. He's about to say something else to keep me on the phone but I cut him off by hanging up. Seconds later he calls back using a different out of state number (last time it was instate) and says if I ever cut him off again that he will slit my ____(fill in the blank)___ throat.

Now, I am currently taking care of my 70year old father. He has cancer and isn't in the best of shape. These calls drive him into a panic. In his mind he is still the good ol' fashion football playing quarter back he was during his college years, and can take on anyone even when he is sick. 

I can handle the abusive and harassing phone calls at 3 in the morning, but he can't.

I have called the police. I have recorded the phone calls and even written down every date & time.
But nothing has happened. They tell me not to pick up, but that is difficult when the numbers this guy uses are numbers I know (example: he once used the number of our pharmacy).


So what do you guy suggest magickally or physically? I'm in serious need of advice. 



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Get a pea-less whistle and next time the bastard calls make him deaf in one ear.


Instant K'magic'K.

lmao I didn't think of that.....

Would I get in trouble for that? Legally I mean?

Ah, well....

worth it, even if I do.

Thanks for the advice, I really need it. 


"Would I get in trouble for that? Legally I mean?"

 Would the dip-shit file a complaint?


"Thanks for the advice, I really need it."

No problem. I hate abusers; fucking hate them.

I know this is a really stupid question...

but how do you go about doing that? If it's a landline do you go to the phone company like you would a cell phone?


What everyone else said.  Call the phone company, change the number, have it unlisted and have it not in the phone book, though that takes some timing - if the phone books have already printed there's nothing you can do.  Get caller ID.  If you don't recognize the number - don't pick up.  Ever.  They can leave a message.

This sounds very personal.


I agree with everyone else, but have you thought at all about WHO this person is? Maybe it's just me but it doesn't sound random, it sounds personal (threatening you and using your pharmacy?). I don't mean to make you scared or anything, but when you do change your number, have you thought at all about this being someone you know/knew?



The caller has made a specific threat of bodily harm. (I hope you were able to record it.)  Contact the police again.  This is no longer "merely" harassment.  Insist on filing a police report documenting this incident as well as his earlier behavior.  In addition, report all of this to your phone company.  Change your phone number.  I also agree with SupremeTacos, this does seem personal.  Call the police.


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