Why is it some adults have to act so childish and worse? I never understood that. 

One thing with me I refuse being manipulated or controlled by anyone and do things in my own way and time. After all I do have a life.  I honestly try to be good to all and I am not perfect, yet I find some want me to be perfect. My mom  used to be  a bigger perfectionsit when I was growing up and maybe it has made me a lil stubborn LOL

My one big pet peeve is adults who choose to act childish on or off line there is no excuse and life is not just about you 

How do you all deal with adult babies?

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Like on what and how  do you deal with them. Hopeful there is not many round you but   sometimes I know we all encounter somone lol

LOLS hahah

LOLgood one, Thanks 

How do you all deal with adult babies?

I don't.  Those people I cut out of my life or have very little contact with.  

We also always have a choice on how we will respond to others don't we?  Excellent!

Wow! This is a topic that has a LOT of history, most of it very negative for me.

My father is a adult child, and his behavior has pretty much ruined my life. My father is an extremely selfish person, and is totally incapable of not only seeing that he has done anything wrong, but verbally attacks anyone who is critical of him. He abandoned me as an infant and a sick one at that. He left my mother while I was very sick with whopping cough and a high fever. Mom sent him out to get my medicine. When he didn't return within a 2 hours, she went to look for him. While she and I were gone (she couldn't afford a babysitter, so bundled me up and took me with her - it was January and in the middle of a snowstorm), he doubled back, cleaned out his closet, left the unfilled prescription and 5 dollars. But his antics weren't over yet! The very next day, they came to shut off our gas for lack of payment. He didn't pay the bill cause he felt he needed money to help him get settled elsewhere, telling my mom when she finally tracked him down on the phone 'I don't live there anymore, I don't care what happens there'.

My father was the type of ex-husband to my mother who felt that although he no longer wanted her, he didn't want anyone else to have her. he felt this way about me finding another father-figure. His antics over the years destroyed many relationships and opportunities for both my mom and I. The result was she never remarried and his behavior cost her several jobs, sending us both into grinding poverty. While he prospered in his job and got remarried. My mother's biggest regret was not leaving the state and starting over elsewhere. But she was too attached to her mother to leave.

I grew up hating my father believing that if one of my own parents could accept me, how could I be of any worth? t\That self-hatred started to twist me into a very bad person. The thing that saved me was my studying psychology and learning that not only wasn't I a bad person, but my father was. It wasn't my fault that my father couldn't love me. It was his. Once I learned about adult-children and how destructive their behavior can be, I learned to love myself. I completely cast my father out of my life when I read an old Chinese saying. It went 'Hating someone is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die'. He wasn't worth my time and energy hating!

I only recently reconnected with my father, since my mother's death last year, wanting someone to be near. It was a terrible mistake. He hasn't changed, only gotten worse. Now since my mom isn't here to defend herself and he knows how much I want to be close to family, he feels free to verbally bash her memory to me every time I see him. I am not the person I used to be, however! I hexed him and cast him out of my life again, to find peace. I can be close to my mother in spirit-form.

that sucks girl :P. if you want to talk, feel free to PM me. I'm not an expert, but I'm an understanding ear to rant to :). 

mostly I just go away. That's the thing about the internetz, you can just close your browser, and the problem is solved.  

Treat them like children. Either they grow up or just get pissy, and you can move on.

I became a hermit when my kid was born, so I haven't had to deal with it much IRL. And I refuse to deal with it online.


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