Howdy all! 

I figured I would give this site a try again. Some folks last time made me feel ridiculed on a topic so I didn't feel so welcome. But i'm hoping for better luck this time. 

I had mentioned in a post before that I felt like I was blocked. Like my energy is blocked up. I've tried numerous times and ways before to try and unblock myself and it never seemed to work so I tried to put it out of my mind. However, the longer I go trying to forget about it and ignore it the worse my anxiety (which is severe) seems to get. I've come to accept that this is something that (despite my husbands trepidation on the topic) I NEED to do. 

Would anyone have any tips, ideas, advice on how I could begin to unblock myself or even start to determine WHY I have this blockage? Energy output is not a problem. (Ask my husband if you don't believe me) It's the ability to sense, see, and feel energies and things. I used to see a lot of things when I was a kid even through highschool. Then one day it was just...gone. Somethings I can still sense, particularly the two spirits that live in my house. One is a young girl, maybe 8 years old, I thought I was going crazy but my mother in law even asked me if I had seen a girl down there out of no where, husband has seen her too. The other is a man, he's only been there for maybe a year, he doesn't bother anyone, he just likes to sit outback by the fire pit. They are super distinctive to me for whatever reason. 

Either way, any advice appreciated. I have to figure this out, I have a feeling its the only way im going to be able to finally deal with my anxiety and find some balance.

Best Wishes :) 

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Jessy, there may be a relationship between your anxiety and your block. also, its possible that it could have to do with your contact through the ouija board. i suggest things such as meditation, cleansing, find some stones that may help you with this purpose. when youre blocked its never for no reason, just dont go into fear over it, that wont help.

What ouija board?

think back. have you used one?

@Jessy Yeah, I remember now the advice you gave her at the time.

precisely, however i was trying to give her a chance to be honest lol.

Wow, good memory!

So all this stems from the incident with the board? I would not have thought that this flirtation with the board would have had such an effect, as you need a lot of repeated uses of the board for a spirit to effect you through 'gradual entrapment' which there doesn't seem to have been enough time with just 3 tries for this to take effect.

i dont know if the board has anything to do with it, its just a possibility of how things can be related. as for number of uses, that varies and it depends what the factors in the situation are. these things dont operate in time as people think of it. events that are years apart can be related energeticly. i can see some possibilities, but im no expert on her life.

In no way was I trying to he dishonest. I hadn't mentioned a ouija board in my post because I dont consider it a factor as I was having blockage issues before I'd ever used a ouija board.

i was hoping you would speak up for yourself, good. i dont know if the board is part of it or not. it might be, its possible everything you mentioned is energeticly "tied" together. id say its something to think about, and feel it out for yourself. i hope you will sort things out.

What you experienced is what happens to a lot of children as they get older they begin to suppress these abilities, as once they have learned about what's real and imagined, they no longer trust them so they forget. You grow out of it as you may have heard.

From a 'Modern Minoan Pagan' point of view, the breasts of a woman are like a sensor making her aware of things unseen, and sensitive to the feelings of those around her. Idaean (as in Minoan) women were very aware of their connection to the mother Goddess Gaia, and Aphrodite through the heart and radiates a divine energy which the breasts are prominently positioned around, and determined their nature as a woman, mind, body and soul. 

Your blockage, and anxiety, (in my opinion,) comes from living in the modern world lacking in role models in a culture that no longer honours the Goddess, as many women no longer feel truly connected to their breasts. Many articles written on women’s issues have stressed the importance of women to have a more positive relationship with their breasts, and be more cautious about the thoughts they send their breasts, and in the cultivating of appreciative ones. A woman who truly connects with the goddess through her breasts will know the beautiful feelings that arise from fully embracing them for their spiritual as well as physical qualities, in the same way Idaean women practiced, three and a half thousand years ago.

To commune through your breasts is to know the goddess. What is she telling you about yourself? What do you sense through her about your surroundings?

‘You are the Goddess made flesh, blood and spirit walking footfalls on the soft grass of this world. You are her voice, her hand and her heart. Her winds are your breath, her mountains you’re Breasts. In this way you are connected to the Great Mother.’

I'm fine with this being part of a way of focusing or meditating, but as a woman I have never found my breasts to do anything except get in the way of locating my heart and heart chakra. Certainly the organs on the surface of my chest are less important to me than the glands, heart and areas of the brain which are more central and crucial to the energy flow in the human body.

Most women really do care just as much about their breasts as they do their elbows, or their noses. Sure, it's part of the female body, and has a use, but that doesn't mean it holds strong significance to each and every woman who is in touch with the spiritual.

Yes, I understand your scepticism Lizzie, and I did say that this was an approach from a Minoan spiritual perspective, even though we are talking about the ‘Sacred Breast,’ which the article Magena mentions is also one that I found, among others. If you look at ‘my page’ there is a YouTube video that goes into a lot more detail than I can here.

You say that ‘I have never found my breasts to do anything except get in the way of locating my heart and heart chakra’ which suggest to me, like so many other women you are disconnected from your breasts, as the western world has told men by society in magazines and movies that the breasts are there to be used to stimulate male arousal, and not love. The breasts are desirable because they’re inherently beautiful and offer the most sensual and loving energy which naturally, in its true nature wants to feed men, through the mouth, a spiritual energy. This is the unrealized need that men have, and don’t know why, which is the need to worship the goddess.

Has your partner, in a sitting position behind you, ever prayed to Aphrodite and invited her into your heart to receive this energy through your breasts, by holding you until you begin to sob with joy?

There is so much baggage in the female psyche in today’s world that has detracted from the spiritual nature of the breast.


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