I have a friend who is 21. She began dating a man who is 45. Her family is refusing to support her choice. They feel like he's going to keep her from her famiy. He says family is important to him and he won't do that. Her mom says she doesn't like him.

Is there any advice to give them to help her family be more accepting of her decision?

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OK, I have to admit, when you posted this new information, I immediately thought "red flag, red flag, red flag". They've known one another over 5 years ... and "denied" themselves because of the age gap? So, she was 15 or 16 when he was "denying" himself ... or, rather, avoiding prison? 

No wonder her parents aren't that supportive! My dad would have gotten out his shotgun long ago. I remember when I was in an airplane, and I was 15. A guy sitting next to me was in his late thirties and tried to give me his number, like I'd call him when I got to my destination and he could "show me around". I thought THAT was weird. I mean, he wasn't bad looking, but ... I was way underage and he was an "adult". I was just spooked. 

She doesn't need to be in a relationship at age 21 at all. So, if she hasn't found anyone other than someone who wanted her when she was underage ... I'd caution her a lot. Maybe staying single for a bit is better. 

Everyone must be miserable just like me!!!!!!! Arrrrgggghhhhhhghhhhhhh!!!!!
Nailed it.

Love does not know Age.. Whatever makes two people feel and share they're life together is no ones business except the couples. 

Tell her parents to support her in whatever choice she makes, and move on.

If they're serious about each other, then they're gonna have to just deal. Eventually the family will either come around or not. You can't really fix that.

I'm not usually this blunt but on this issue all I can say is, if both parties are consenting adults other people need to mind their own damned business!!


And what's wrong with this exactly?

I have read every post on this subject and came to the same conclusion that happy people are annoying those of us who have not found happiness.  

I am the father of a 24 year old woman who is currently dating a 40 year old man.  Do I approve of this relationship?  Not 100 percent but who am I to judge them as I have dated much younger women and found that they are just too immature.  

My opinion on this subject is this.  

She is old enough to make her own decisions so let her be and be there for her if this all comes crashing down on her head.

Demi Moore and Ashton kutcher...mariah carey and nick cannon

They will be broken up in a year no worries.


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