I was wondering how many of you practice Alchemy. I want to but google search doesn't really help me find out information. Would any of you help a novice Alchemist?

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My husband always recommends The Complete Idiot's Guide to Alchemy as a starting point for people. I haven't actually read it myself yet (I've been busy with my own studies), but he's loaned it out to others before and I've never heard any complaints.

Thanks. It gets decent reviews on Amazon, too.

Thank you I definitely will check that out. :)
Any information is good. That'll help me with my study of it.

See www.alchemywebsite.com/index.html and see www.levity.com/alchemy/ lots of reading there. 

There are more sites on alchemy to be found. There is also an online shop specialized in this area. 

Thank you I'll add them to my bookmarks.
What site is it?

What type of alchemy?  Are you talking about the alchemy that evolved into chemistry or are you referring to spiritual alchemy?

Chemistry Alchemy to make elixirs.

ahh...  ok

Try looking for stuff on spagyrics, such as this book.

Thank you


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