An End to Aging: Can Science Allow Humans to To Become Immortal?

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"Scientific positivism isn't atheism"

True, those are two entirely separate issues.

Fact is that modern scientists are somewhat divided on the metaphysics of the subjective. Personally, I see that as very positive, because it may very well be that the most profound secrets of the universe may well lie in the subjective. The subjective may well end up becoming a more accepted aspect of the objective.

 As time goes on, there inevitably are more favorable views toward subjective potential universal realities, but it is always an extremely complex thing for people to understand, or misunderstand. In fact, much of science fiction is really subjective, mixed with objective truths.

It doesn't really mingle with philosophy very well, but eventually, that may change.

One more downer... Consider the possibility of eternal servitude. Immortal slaves don't get out of work by dying, and humans don't become suddenly saintly with physical immortality. Mortality has its advantages.

ahh yes, the dark, unwanted, unexpected, possibilities are indeed endless.

You have to take into account scientific fraud, which is quite common, and the fallacy and folly of the human being in general.

To have the perfect human, you need the perfect science, and vice versa. To have the perfect government, you need the perfect human.

According to Stephen Hawking, problem is, no such thing exists, or will it ever. If the human is perpetually flawed, so will be his science as well as his government

One of my all time favs!

I think maybe a lotterysystem will be set up who can live forever or die too if more people live immortal lives.


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