An End to Aging: Can Science Allow Humans to To Become Immortal?

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It's very interesting! There are a few plausible angles to solve the problem of aging, and I think it's inevitable that eventually there will be a breakthrough on one such path or another. As for which, who can say? Perhaps we'll figure out how to upload consciousness to synthetic bodies? Perhaps we'll simply learn how to halt and reverse the degradation of DNA? I dunno, but the possibilities are certainly intriguing.

I'm no even sure if death is a realistic concept.

I dont want immortal period.


Ever read any books about fictional immortal beings?  Making the adjustment to never be able to hold onto anything is not easy.

I do believe in reincarnation and the way i feel is rest is needed in between.

If we were all immortal, babies would no longer be necessary, right?

I wasn't aware that babies were seen as necessity...

I wasn't aware that babies were seen as necessity...

They're a necessity to keep the human race going.  Without them, we're extinct.  But if we're immortal, we no longer need any new humans to replace the old humans because the old humans will still be around.  Forever.

We would still need children, as there is a statistic that you could go 500 years without having a fatal accident, but after that you would run out of luck? So 'immortality' as such does have an expiration date, which would mean we're not just trying to exceed our life expectancy, but destiny as well. 

Dr Strangelove says,

"Be carefull vhat you vish forrr"...

@Dave Pellani - I'm unclear as to why you call me Dr. Strangelove, and the nazi references? You see Alchemy and the great work as fascist? I understand that on a site like this you will find things that could be frightening or disturbing to you, because of their esoteric, and counter-intuitive nature. Perhaps you fear the title of this topic, and that people could live forever, and what I said sounds a bit too free thinking, and a challenge to the status quo which is the reason why the nazis burnt books, and murdered people until there were no one left to challenge them.

A bit like the church in that regard. Until the 'Age of Enlightenment.'


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