Hi everyone, my name is Lilith, yes I chose that name for myself. I am a transgender. I have found myself here because I have been thinking of Satanism for a while. And before I plug my nose and jump into this (so to speak), I just wanted to find some individuals who are smart and knowledgable about it all.

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Welcome to PS. I hope you find what you seek :)
Welcome to Pagan Space.

An official hello to you Lilith. I read the Satanic Bible out of interest, and agreed with most of it, such as indulgence over abstinence, but the main thing I came to disagree with was the ammount of selfishness.

Hello Lilith, greetings.  There are indeed some people on this site who are quite familiar with Satanism.  Not sure but I think if you want them to post, you might try focusing on some specific questions that they could answer to start off conversation.  After all,  the topic of Satanism is a pretty broad one.  You might also try perusing the groups here on Pagan Space.  You will probably find at least one that interests you.

So, well come!  May you find the understanding you seek!


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