Yesterday, I watched an episode of the series "Ancient Aliens", shown on the History Channel.  WTF?  Who falls for this?  A bunch of people argued, on the basis of zero evidence, that aliens came to Earth in ancient times and built the pyramids, Stonehenge, what-have-you.  Also, that the gods of ancient mythologies are based on these alien visitors.  Underlying these theories is the assumption that people in ancient times were just too stupid to build their own pyramids or construct their own mythologies. The TV talking heads said that the "kachina" masks used to represent gods by Zuni and Hopi Indians "look like" space helmets, and so must be modeled on alien visitors who came to the Southwest thousands of years ago.  This, for example is a Hopi mask:

And this is a space helmet:

As you can see, the two objects look very much alike (sarcasm).  They resemble each other only to the degree that helmets and masks always look like helmets and masks.

As a Pagan, it upsets me to see people have so little respect for ancient cultures and religions.  Why assume that the Egyptians did not build the pyramids?  Or that the Hopi could not come up with mask designs on their own?

I am not saying that aliens visiting our planet in ancient times is impossible.  It is certainly possible.  But there is no evidence for it.  Petroglyphs that kinda, sorta, if-you-squint-your-eyes-right look like spaceships are not evidence.  


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Daphnis, you need to study some art history.  The fact that you think these medieval doo-dads look like spaceships does not mean they are, in fact, spaceships.  You can find similar shapes doodled in any school kid's notebook, that does not mean the kid saw a UFO.

You still fail to explain the aerodynamic qualities to the two and that one is chasing the other.  Just because the concept seems so fantastic; I haven't ruled out what I see as what I see.  I suppose I haven't learned to lie to myself and believe it yet.   

Those things are about as aerodynamic as a badminton shuttlecock..... they would be great at crashing head first into the ground but maneuverability would be virtually non existent... not a desirable quality for any sort of fighter craft.

As far as chasing each other goes... first of all, that's debatable ( as I said, she's not looking at her supposed pursuer she's looking at the crucified Jesus)... secondly it makes perfect sense in terms of Christian iconography that the righteous, life giving Christian sun would be chasing the evil, scary pagan moon (Remember that left-right good-bad thing that is often portrayed in these frescos?)...... Besides, the sun and moon have been chasing each other through the heavens since early man first looked skyward.... spoiler alert- sun always wins....

You may not lie to yourself but you certainly seem to have a voracious appetite for the lies of others. You should stop believing the word of publicity seeking idiots and start looking into the actual history of these things... the truth is often far more interesting than fiction.  

You are drawing a conclusion based on a perceived similarity to the fantasy of what you think an alien spacecraft should look like while ignoring the known history which clearly reveals what it actually depicts....It's like looking at the Mona Lisa and concluding that because she has two eyes, a nose, a mouth and seems to be sitting in a field that she must be a cow... what's more, she's wearing what is obviously a judges robe...Dear God!!! The cows in Renaissance Italy were revered as judges!!!!....  In Psychological circles that is referred to as a "delusional disorder" should look it up...probably sooner than later...

They are medieval representations of the sun and moon, do a little research into medieval icons and you will see hundreds of the same images for they were standard(almost required) in every Christian painting of the era.  The sun and moon were always represented with faces and sometimes with full human figures.  In some other paintings you see what looks like a flying saucer surrounded by clouds, it was meant to represent angels descending from the throne of God.  People at the time knew this well, today we are so obsessed with ufos that we tend to overlook the obvious.

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peace and blessings

Engineers today admit they can't do it.
Can't do it with modern tools! They most certainly could build these, IF they put enough money into it. But for what purpose? 

Moving megalithic blocks has been done by engineers using primitive tools. That that really isn't an issue. And ramps and lifts are not the most complicated devices in the world (they have been independently invented at multiple times throughout history). What we don't know how they did what they did concerns the precision of the stone-cutters and the alignment of the temple. I think both can be overcome with human ingenuity.

Why discount the possibility the the human will is that strong?

Fact: Modern engineers use cranes capable of lifting 3000 tons on a regular basis.

Fact: The largest/heaviest monolith ever moved by man weighed approximately 1500 tons.   It was quarried and moved 6 km over marshland to St Petersburg Russia in the mid 18th century using nothing but manpower and simple levers and tracks. It took 400 men about nine months to move it as masons shaped it to it's 1200 ton final weight. 

Fact: The ancient Egyptians regularly quarried and moved monoliths weighing as much as 1200 tons hundreds of kilometers using nothing but manpower, simple levers and barges.

Fact: The ancient Romans quarried two monoliths in Baalbek Lebanon weighing over 1000 tons each but never moved them.... they did however quarry several weighing in excess of 800 tons each and managed to move them uphill to the Temple of Jupiter using only manpower, simple levers and draft animals like oxen and very likely African elephants. The Romans also made use of huge stone cutting saws powered by water wheels.

Fact: A monolith in excess of 16000 tons was partially quarried in Nanjing China in the early 15th century then abandoned.... apparently even the Aliens couldn't muster the ass to move this one!

Fact: The largest monoliths at Stonehenge weigh less than 50 tons each... the capstones a mere 6 tons.... Modern experiments designed to reproduce the process proved that as few as six men could move and lift the capstones to their final positions in a matter of days using only simple wooden levers, wedges and shims.

Fact: The easiest way to make a perfect joint between two stones is to rub them together, in essence shaping one with the other. It didn't take a genius to figure this out.

Quote: "Give me a long enough lever and a place to stand and I shall move the Earth"

Archimedes, Syracuse 3rd century BCE


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