Yesterday, I watched an episode of the series "Ancient Aliens", shown on the History Channel.  WTF?  Who falls for this?  A bunch of people argued, on the basis of zero evidence, that aliens came to Earth in ancient times and built the pyramids, Stonehenge, what-have-you.  Also, that the gods of ancient mythologies are based on these alien visitors.  Underlying these theories is the assumption that people in ancient times were just too stupid to build their own pyramids or construct their own mythologies. The TV talking heads said that the "kachina" masks used to represent gods by Zuni and Hopi Indians "look like" space helmets, and so must be modeled on alien visitors who came to the Southwest thousands of years ago.  This, for example is a Hopi mask:

And this is a space helmet:

As you can see, the two objects look very much alike (sarcasm).  They resemble each other only to the degree that helmets and masks always look like helmets and masks.

As a Pagan, it upsets me to see people have so little respect for ancient cultures and religions.  Why assume that the Egyptians did not build the pyramids?  Or that the Hopi could not come up with mask designs on their own?

I am not saying that aliens visiting our planet in ancient times is impossible.  It is certainly possible.  But there is no evidence for it.  Petroglyphs that kinda, sorta, if-you-squint-your-eyes-right look like spaceships are not evidence.  


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I find those shows interesting, much like the tabloids at the checkout stands.

Looking to other sources such as websites, older books, archaeology, etc.  Also looking at how well people are educated in this country now vs over 100 years ago. I just do not believe that it was aliens, but ancient civilizations that in some ways were more advanced than we are today.

The one way that our world is more advanced (is a very bad thing), is our ability to destroy, kill, and harm others needlessly. We have atomic bombs and other destructive things that just did not exist in the past. To me that is not more advanced, but part of the myth that we are more advanced because we have computers, medicines, etc. As if all of this makes us better than anytime in the past. Fact is we are more destructive to each other than anytime in the past. Now we can kill millions and destroy places to beyond the point that our ancestors would have thought possible.

I do not doubt that there is intelligent life on other planets somewhere, but why would they want to come here? unless they are here to make sure that we do not destroy things beyond our planet.

I suppose that they could easily come here telepathically, and not physically. Astral projection does work, I've seen it and done it. Why could something like this not happen over greater distances than hundreds of miles?

Our science still has a very long way to go, and the most difficult things that I have found in life is dealing with some people. I can figure out how to build and operate just about any machine, even how to split atoms. All of this is child's play compared to trying to teach stupid people, or those that think things are a certain way based on religious beliefs (Christian, Muslim, etc). Ones that can't understand that the stories in their books are allegories to explain complicated subjects, such as why women have one more rib than men, or why some people are marked by their actions, etc.

TV is about sensationalism and ratings facts be damned in the process. Read Sitchin's Earth Chronicles for a rational argument about the ancient alien question.

Google the Dogon tribe and their legends about the Sirius star system. There are more questions than we have answers.

I'm all for speculation. Maybe the show was intended for just that, but they have lost sight of that intention and are presenting things as factual? I don't really care either way. I will say that I've always thought Ezekiel's encounter with a wheel-within-a-wheel with eyes set all around does sound rather like a spaceship with windows around the exterior. Still, it's only conjecture, so why not have a little fun with it?

Aren't facts able to be proven right or wrong and opinions unprovable....philosophically speaking


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