Yesterday, I watched an episode of the series "Ancient Aliens", shown on the History Channel.  WTF?  Who falls for this?  A bunch of people argued, on the basis of zero evidence, that aliens came to Earth in ancient times and built the pyramids, Stonehenge, what-have-you.  Also, that the gods of ancient mythologies are based on these alien visitors.  Underlying these theories is the assumption that people in ancient times were just too stupid to build their own pyramids or construct their own mythologies. The TV talking heads said that the "kachina" masks used to represent gods by Zuni and Hopi Indians "look like" space helmets, and so must be modeled on alien visitors who came to the Southwest thousands of years ago.  This, for example is a Hopi mask:

And this is a space helmet:

As you can see, the two objects look very much alike (sarcasm).  They resemble each other only to the degree that helmets and masks always look like helmets and masks.

As a Pagan, it upsets me to see people have so little respect for ancient cultures and religions.  Why assume that the Egyptians did not build the pyramids?  Or that the Hopi could not come up with mask designs on their own?

I am not saying that aliens visiting our planet in ancient times is impossible.  It is certainly possible.  But there is no evidence for it.  Petroglyphs that kinda, sorta, if-you-squint-your-eyes-right look like spaceships are not evidence.  


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it upsets me to see people have so little respect for ancient cultures and religions.

Yes, and it's also dismaying to see so many people so willing to fall for things for which there is absolutely no tangible evidence. Oftentimes, these are also the very same people who scoff at the world's scientific and learned institutions, who do have tangible evidence for things.

This is not to say that there are not things which indeed exist but which as yet display no evidence that we are able to detect. As you say, it's certainly conceivable that the earth has been visited in the past by alien beings. But real evidence, as Dr. Johnson once put it, is something you can kick.

So until I see something I can kick, I'll remain skeptical.

If you don't take that show as entertainment you are bound to get upset.  All I do is smh @ Ancient Aliens.  It's a bunch of fool.  Odin's ravens we're space ships? Wha....

I believe it!   Your narcissism doesn't change the facts that the evidence clearly shows that ancient aliens were indeed here and we are their legacy.  You go out naked in the Michigan winter for a day and see how long you last.  We did not evolve here.  Had we evolved we would be capable of surviving and even thriving in this environment which is to us harsh.

The Anunnaki were here and we are not the only entities they created.

Kind of squint your eyes?  Are you Blind?  Or are you just spouting some crap to look all cool and intellectual.  Those are Airplanes and Helicopters in those glyphs.  Some of them wear goggles or helmets.  One glyph shows that they knew we had nine planets six thousand years ago.  So how did Ptolemy foul tat one up?  Someone before Copernicus knew our Solar system and that we orbit the sun.    

I can see why someone would believe in other life forms visiting our planet. But I do not see the evolution argument. Humans came from Africa. Where it wasn't cold. We migrated to other places.

How do you know it doesn't get cold in Africa, have you ever been there in the winter?  Africa is so big it gets a winter on both ends at different times of the year.  It gets cold in Africa.  

You can't prove we came out of Africa, no one can, they think so because these "Anthropologists" can't come up with anything better.  

Evolution is the normal way of life, but we didn't evolve.  That is why this planet is so hostile to us and we have to modify it to survive.

  I do suggest that we are built from the different parts of other evolved animals.  For instance those of you with the RH Positive blood type have the blood type of the Rhesus Monkey, but you are not monkeys.  

You're reminding me of creationist. We evolved. Get over it.

You remind me of Christians, you have to have faith to believe that.    

ok the  actual show ancient aliens  annoys me. specially  the guy with the weird  hair. smart, cute face, weird hair. 

i think it's  possible.

am i gullible, not usually, but  wouldn't it be a REALLY boring world without  all these different "could have beens" ?  some folks,  an alien could walk up an smack their ass rosy and  then have a satelite dish implanted in there and they'd STILL not believe even if their getting HBO for free when they fart!

some folks are right pissin me off here. sounding  like fundy christians "it's my  way or the highway" . get over it! some will believe some won't....there are way more  nasty things going  on in the world that needs solved how bout we  look to that and  not worry who likes the idea of ancient aliens  or  not? GEESH!

I like such thoughts of what might be too, so sorry if I seem a little harsh. It is good to challenge such, to keep people form getting hypocritical. What got me though is most of this talk is beyond the "what if's." That and bad sources and blind trust are always bad, especially when presented as absolutes. 

Cause their isn't any more info in our DNA than just a blood type identification! Ok and maybe sex and eye color too.

Yes parts of Arfrica do indeed get cold, and even get snow. But you are thinking of modern Africa. There is this thing called climate change, you have hopefully heard of it. We are talking about humans who have evolved over thooousands and thousands of years, so obviously climate is a thing that also shifts. That's how the ancestors of modern humans survived the long long long ice-age because we were in the nice toasty part of Africa when all of that was going on. Once the ice-age was finally over, that was when we dispersed and multiplied. Other animals evolved to suit their environment by developing thicker fur, or gills, or strong legs running, etc.. Humans on the other hand developed larger brains (that's what evolved for us) which we utilized to figure out how to make clothes, shelter, and more accurate hunting weapons. I don't think the planet is at all hostile, we just have forgotten how to live with it and have tried to dominate it instead.

Do a simple Google search and there are TONS AND TONS AND TONS of academic journals, scientific articles, and archeological news sites with more information and proof that anyone would care to have to back up evolution. To say there is no proof is like sticking your fingers in your ears and going "lalalalalalala i cant hear you". And you're calling the OP narcissistic?

Thank you for that. I was about to say the same.


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