Yesterday, I watched an episode of the series "Ancient Aliens", shown on the History Channel.  WTF?  Who falls for this?  A bunch of people argued, on the basis of zero evidence, that aliens came to Earth in ancient times and built the pyramids, Stonehenge, what-have-you.  Also, that the gods of ancient mythologies are based on these alien visitors.  Underlying these theories is the assumption that people in ancient times were just too stupid to build their own pyramids or construct their own mythologies. The TV talking heads said that the "kachina" masks used to represent gods by Zuni and Hopi Indians "look like" space helmets, and so must be modeled on alien visitors who came to the Southwest thousands of years ago.  This, for example is a Hopi mask:

And this is a space helmet:

As you can see, the two objects look very much alike (sarcasm).  They resemble each other only to the degree that helmets and masks always look like helmets and masks.

As a Pagan, it upsets me to see people have so little respect for ancient cultures and religions.  Why assume that the Egyptians did not build the pyramids?  Or that the Hopi could not come up with mask designs on their own?

I am not saying that aliens visiting our planet in ancient times is impossible.  It is certainly possible.  But there is no evidence for it.  Petroglyphs that kinda, sorta, if-you-squint-your-eyes-right look like spaceships are not evidence.  


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What if the aliens weren't aliens but transplanted us humans here to slave it out for em after the dino-destroying-asteroid destroyed the sleestak world....haven't you seen land of the lost

This explains everything.  It even explains Pangea and how we came to be in the present orbit around the sun and rotating on an axis at our 23.5 degree tilt; when the Earth was originally between Mars and Jupiter and didn't rotate on an axis but was always pointing one half towards the sun.  The earth's warm side had a sun that never set and the other half away from the sun was dark and frozen.  The gravity was much stronger because the earth also comprised the moon and the debris we know as the Ort cloud.  

It also explains who our rulers are and why we fight one another and are always at odds against one another in every facet of human existence.  We can't be a unified species, the species that are our rulers would consider it a disaster.  


Perhaps we have primate parts however, check this out;

This guy Desmond Morris was a Zoologist and specialized in animal behavior.  More for a curiosity and a money maker he applied his research to humans in London, Paris and New York.

There is one passage that I thought very interesting; he expected our behavior to be more like that of other primates.  He was shocked to find that his research indicates humans behaving more like wolves.  He applied the analogy to a traffic cop pulling you over and the way to get out of the ticket is to treat the cop like the Alpha Male or Female wolf.  I've gotten out of several tickets doing this.  

In the Terra papers, Robert Morningsky says the Anunnaki are the pinnacle of evolution of a wolf like species and that all species evolve to the humanoid level.  Morningsky and Sitchin also claim that we or some of us humans have some of the DNA of the Anunnaki in us and this caused the fighting between Enki and Enlil.  

This dovetails right in to Norse Mythology where the Norse Gods were beset upon by Giants.  The Anunnaki are quite large and to us would fit the giant model.  

Below is an illustration of some humans with an Anunnaki master.


So... what you're saying is that when we get pulled over we should throw feces at the cop right??

Just kidding:)..... We are definitely great apes, as are chimpanzees, Bonobos, orangutans, gorillas and sasquatch....

The closest relatives of dogs and wolfs are bears and I believe dolphins.

Desmond Morris is definitely a very smart guy.... seems to me that he use to have a television series that I enjoyed quite a bit many years ago. Perhaps he was suggesting that we have a pack mentality resembling that of wolves, especially when hunting.... as do dolphins. I don't think that any of the other great apes hunt that way, although I can not speak for sasquatch. Maybe it is a uniquely human adaptation resulting from our long standing relationship with dogs as hunting companions. A social adaptation rather than anything genetic.

You have to read the book then.  Look for the part about Traffic Cops.  

Or the fact that some reason the moon has been postulated to be a planets core...

Anthropologists are today hampered by their requirement to oppose the idea of creation of humans and stick to evolution no matter what.  Here in this article this Anthropologist tries to explain things based on DNA evidence and still clings to evolution but calls "Out of Africa" into question.

Zechariah Sitchin and Robert Morningsky already explained it, the Anunnaki experimented with humans trying to get the best kind to mine their gold and grow their food, yet be dumb enough to not try to rebel and take over.  In one species they created, they failed miserably with that last requirement.  This is why the Anunnaki are no longer here, but they may come back.  

According to Morningsky two enclaves of the forbidden humans (The Ones with the DNA of Enki and his sister Nin hur Sag) were attacked by the son of Enlil with nuclear weapons.  The prevailing winds carried the radiation to the Tigris and Euphrates and so forced the Anunnaki to flee the planet.  A few remained on the other side of the radiation, in Egypt and the rest of Africa.  Africa is where their gold mines were and they needed gold.

I consider Morningsky the best source since he wrote of this before any of the Ancient alien ideas were ever forwarded by anyone and he has no training in Anthropology or science.  In writing the Terra papers as a young Jesuit student got him kicked out of the seminary.  He was just putting to paper what his grandfather told him.      

A man with "no training in anthropology or science" is your "best source"?  So ignorance equals credibility to you?  That explains a lot.

You obviously don't know much about Morningsky.

Morningsky came out with the Terra Papers in 1970 and it wasn't even a published work at the time, just a college paper about the stories his grandfather told him.  It wasn't until 1976 when Sitchin  published "The 12th Planet".  Morningsky already referred to just about everything Sitchin said and Morningsky didn't know a thing about archeology.  Morningsky couldn't have known about Sitchin's work.  

That is why Morningsky is the reliable source.  He got the information from his grandfather, who in turn got it from an alien from space in 1947.  Morningsky knew stuff that wouldn't be published for years yet to come.    

I checked your "Morningsky is a Fraud" site and all the references are flagged by my security system as dangerous pages.  What's up with that?  

Morningsky addresses this indirectly.  He tells us that along with humans, the Anunnaki created another race of beings to performthe technical work for them.  These beings were given the same intelligence as the Anunnaki but were also made with physical defects that were supposed to render them incapable of launching a coup against the Anunnaki.  The Anunnaki were wrong and that is why they are no longer on the earth.  If they were here they would be NBA all stars.  

These things the Anunnaki created are our behind the scenes puppet masters.  If you write something academic about Sitchin's work having merit, you will never get a dime of funding again.   

There is quite a bit to be said about DNA, there are two major kinds of DNA the Nucleic that comes from both parents, and that from mitochondrial that only comes from the mother. These can show where people came from in the past to show parts of the world that they migrated from. Also RH factor tells another story as well, but I have yet to find a chart showing where people with different Rhesus factors come from, as in RH + is Rhesus monkey one of the many antigens in our blood.

I'm waiting to hear if someone can definitively prove that some people descended from the same ancestors as monkeys and other people did not.  In other words some people came out of Africa, while others did not.

As for radiation, without the low background levels that we have there would be no evolution, and this has been shown correct.


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