What is the one or two things or more that gives passion and meaning to your life? The things that get you going,make you want to dance or fight? he things you are the proudest and deepest connected to? Mine are my need for physical activities like dancing,aerobics and the relationship  I have with the faeries. I also have a passion for travel. What about you?

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Besides my Lady and my Children, our garden is a passion of mine as well. I love the connection I feel with the Earth and life in general in our garden.
Music, magick and sex. All passions of mine. I am not being silly and going for the humor this time.
I am a musician and I cannot help it, nor do I want to. I love music, playing for people and the energy exchange I get when performing.
Magick, what can I say? I simply love the occult experience. Practicing magick keeps me connected to the divine in tangible ways that may be exclusive to only me and the state of mind I am in at that time.
Sex, yes, it is a passion. My Lady is a manifestation of the Goddess. Every woman who recognizes the Goddess within her is a Goddess as well. Being in love with and making love to a Goddess is one of the most profound magickal experiences a loving consort can achieve.
My life, my children, lets see.. My guy, laughter dance and song. the sound of the spring rains, the first hush of winters snow...just so many things. I would take up far to much space.

I adore traveling - still considering that RV CW. And animals. I am pretty passionate about them and rescue of them in dire situations. I love a good hot peppermint chocolate on a cold night, a good book, a good circle , oiy I should stop LOL.
Thanks! I will! I love "BEING" in pictures.
Photography and drawing, along with listening to Nightwish. Gives me a good boost :)
What's NightWish?
first of all i wanted to say to minstral davyn.. i think its awesome that you think your lady is the love of your life both emotionally and sexually and that you think shes a goddess.. wow i hope she realizes how much of a complement that is.

I admire anyone with talents and right now i am reading a book for an assignment called the artists way which is helping me to recarreer and stop running on a hamster wheel.

my passions have to do with almost anything concerning the arts.painting,drwing,claywork,crafting.. you name it. i like health issues would love to take up yoga and learn belly dancing and i like to help people.

i just took a test a few days ago called the meyers-briggs test. very interesting.. it tells you what your strongest fields are based on interest and first on the list was artist,followed by therapist,psychology and social work. now i wish i knew that 20 years ago! i want to see if i can combine the art and social work modalities, I just have to figure out how to do it.

the other thing i also love is running my own website and if anyone wants to join just come ask and i will give you the link. I love networking and i love just being with other people. but i also enjoy my quiet time too.

oh this i am also really excited about.. i had my artwork printed on About.com the other day... i am really honored!
ok gotta stop bragging, but i am really proud of that, it was my first publishing. and it stimulated me to go and take pictures and make a portfolio.
i cant wait.. finally going to stop spinning my wheels and figure out how to do what i love.
"i want to see if i can combine the art and social work modalities, I just have to figure out how to do it."

Maybe something along the lines of art therapy?
i was thinking that today.. thanls for reading my mind and yes i am researching into it.

oh one other dream of mine... but this will take a ton of hard work.. take all of the above and combine it into one big community center or brick and mortar paganshop here in nyack.. Ive already seen it done elsewhere.

taking a seminar on starting my own bussiness in june.. who knows where it will lead? i am excited about the possibilties.
That would be quite an undertaking, but the result has definite potential for fabulousness!

Good luck with the seminar. I like to browse the brochures the local community colleges put out for non-credit adult education courses, everything from finance to horticulture to foreign language. With my oldest starting school this year, I may find the time to actually enroll in one or two! (Okay, probably won't happen till the youngest starts, two more years.)
i have to find other avenues like you.. thats not a bad idea.. checking non-credit courses. i am still paying off student loans and wouldnt be done for wuite a while. i just got a call from an online school today...
eh i am wondering if i should check closer to home.

ive had this dream for quite a while,because there are many women and men too, who havent gotten their foot in the door or gone to fancy artschools like myself and we need to support each otehr and let the community see us.
I hear ya about the student loans; my husband has enough for the both of us for now. I always wanted to major in history, but can't justify the expense, given the lack of career options. So the availability of other outlets like public lectures at universities, seminars, non-credit classes, etc. can be encouraging.

Oh, about the online schools- no firsthand experience, but I've heard less than favorable things about University of Phoenix, despite their popularity.

What sort of website do you run?
simillr to this..pagan community, intimate, we share information about our paths and look to find a common thread, cultural diversity, news... tips and tricks about many topics.

also i feature the artistic component.. we share our talents, art writing,music... what ever a person wants to share.

eventually i would like to get craft,swapmeets and meetups going depending on the area.

mostly, no pressure, just a way for people to get together,make friends and maybe even learn a thing or two.


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