One of the Tuatha De Danann. God of youth, love, and beauty. His name means "young son". Angus had a harp that made irresistible music. His kisses turned into birds that carried messages of love. On the banks of the Boyne River was his burgh, underground fairy palace. Son of the Dagda and Boann.

A spell was casted by the Dagda that caused Angus to be conceived and born all in the same day. According to myth, Angus used to be the guardian of Diarmuid. Angus offered the protection of his cloak to Diarmuid and Grainne when they were trying to escape Finn and his men. He told them which path to follow and gifted a sword to Diarmuid.

Angus fell in love with a woman from his dreams and asked his parents for help. So the Dagda called upon Bov the Red (son of Lir) for assistance. Bov found the woman after a year of searching. He found her by the Lake of the Dragon's Mouth. When they went to the lake, they saw 150 maidens tied in pairs with gold chains, but Angus knew the woman when he saw her. Her name was Caer. She was the daughter of Ethel, who would not let her go.

Angus said he was strong enough to carry her. Bov, along with the Dagda and others, took Ethel prisoner when he kept refusing when they demanded Caer. He made a confession that he did not comply, because Caer was more powerful than him. He told them she lived in the form of a maiden and a swan. On the first day of November, she would be seen with 150 swans at the Lake of the Dragon's Mouth.

Angus went to the lake and told the woman how he felt. They both turned into  swans and flew away to the palace of Boyne, accompanied by divine music that caused many listeners to sleep for three days and three nights.

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"They both turned into swans..."

Did you know that swans mate for life?

Lovely mythology.

I actually didn't know. Thanks for telling me. :) I liked the mythology too.

Mythology...modern way of saying "ancient religion we no longer believe".

Demeans the ancient faiths while CURRENT religions are called "religions" to give them more credibility.

Thank you for bringing that to mind. I never actually thought of that. I will make corrections.


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