here's my question: if you were to build a Faraday cage is the shape of a Circle, would it in theory if a current was passed through the cage at the same time someone was doing a ritual/spell inside of it, what would happen.

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Nothing electrical would achieve it's potential inside the Faraday.


If you wrap an electrical device, like a radio for an example; in tin foil it's effectively a Faraday.


I'm not digging the co-relationship here man.

im trying to do research in the fields of chaos magick and technomagick

I see. That's an interesting mix.

Maybe you could post the findings when you're done.

i will certainly post my findings. if you have any chaos/techno magick links for me i'd be very grateful.

GRRRR, I just went through an answer only to be pitched by an ad.

In my humble opinion, circles/spells contain spiritual power. A Faraday cage blocks a variety of EMP, hence would not have an effect on a circle/spell within it.

If the spiritual contained any variety of EMP, then existence of spiritual powers, heaven, hell, ghosts, demons, angels, etc. could be proved by an x-ray.  Hence, removing all questions and speculation.


Thank you for the topic! 

In one of Konstantinos's books, (probably gothic grimoire or nocturnicon) he mentions that turning on a plasma ball is useful for giving "extra energy" to a spirit to help it manifest in front of you, visually. To my memory, he only goes into detail about an "extra electrical kick" in regards to spirit work, and making them manifest, and not into much detail about using electricity to actually add power to a spell.

Some time ago I started a thread that asked your same type of question about using uranium ore for the same thing, to add extra energy to a spell for greater effect, because of the alpha ray radiation emitted by it.

In your case, I think one or more of the following may happen:

1. No change, nothing happens, because the electricity does not interface with the subtle magickal energy you are using in your spell, to work with, as they are different types of energy, and non-compatible and non-stackable

2. The power of your thoughts alone, helps it help your spell because you believe it does.

3. Electricity and the subtle energy in magickal work is in fact compatible to a usable degree, so it will make a difference, either in resulting in greater numerical effect, or making things much more unpredictable and variable, for destabilizing the existing system that would otherwise be used to focus and direct the energy you raise. So, could be good or bad for your work.

4. Maybe the frequency of the electricity would matter significantly if it affected your magick at all.

5. Maybe an AC current would work differently on your magick than a DC current, or only one or the other would work at all.


Personally, I think that if it is in fact true that electricity helps spirits manifest, it probably will affect your magick in some measurable way, whether for good or bad

i thank you all for your help as well as your suggestions. i think instead of a faraday cage i might use a combination of both tesla coils and van de graff generators to saturate the air with electricity. there have been case study of how magick/ the paranormal might actually be real due to electromagnetic waves and high concentrations of residual static electrically charged air in the surrounding areas. maybe if i try to recreate that scenario i can produce the effects im looking for. i will keep people posted. real quick though. i plan on arranging the devices in an order such as a tesla coil in the middle and VdGG arranged in a star/circle pattern. does anyone have a SIMPLE spell that i could use(even if it says that it requires candles i want to try it my way)

I'm not sure if I understand your question, but to me it sounds kind of like you are asking "if I eat a lot of broccoli, I mean a WHOLE LOT, will I win the bicycle race"?

Does that make sense? not really. im trying to see if anyone else shares the same idea that since magick is something that uses a special kind of energy is it possible to replicate its effects using a circuit created with material that have properties already used in some rituals. the systems of magick i try to follow in my experiments are chaos and technomagick with a bit of high/low magick, and alchemy thrown in. if my question are worded wrong im sorry but no your analogy does not explain my question. perhaps a better one would be if i use a electric can opener instead of a normal can opener will i make the dish faster. i have made a group dedicated to my experiments you and anyone else are more than welcome to go and try to see what im trying to do

thanks for the invitation, I get the impression you want to make some sort of battery for magical power, or a field that is conducive to it, from what you say here


And I guess I question the assumption that it works like that, because even certain "types" of energy are still energy as we understand them, and i wonder if magic does not lie withiin the energy, in the parts we don;t understand.


Like, I wonder if all energies are magical, but the ones we think of when we think of "magic happening" are the weird energies, dark energy, etc.

exactly! i wonder if magick, reiki, chakra,etc are just other forms of energy would/could it be possible to create a way to store that energy in either a special "battery" or in some other set up like it. if so how? thats what my experiments are for. if i can figure out how to replicate the same happenings as a ritual and then modify them to work with a different set up then, in theory, i should be able to manipulate this energy more efficiently. i mean in quantum mechanics/physics we speculate that weird phenomenon happen all the time so what if magick or other related other energy usage is just that undiscovered energy sources. i mean electricity was considered magic until Ben Franklin discovered and then Tesla/Edison manipulated it. so why then cant the same be for magick and all the others.


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