I personally think there could be some ethical questions with this? Should we play with genes and roll the dice with gene therapy or let Science go ahead with this without any obstructions not to mention the risks with playing with genes....

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 I see no use for the moral compass in this situation, even though I agree with you, Bubbles, about ethics, but only to the point of individual choice, and individual responsibility to assume and understand the risk factor.

Gene alteration is a guinea pig approach to the unbeknownst, and humans who are not qualified to play god, are trying to play god. We on the left hand path have a different approach to "playing god", but the substance of playing god does not exist in the realm of the mundane or the objective. 

Sure we could ask the question of the ethics or sanity of this science, being that it is totally untried and untested in the broader context of what it is designed to purportedly accomplish.

Some degree of gene experimentation is probably justifiable, and maybe even necessary to improve the quality of life. When it comes to immortality, that to me is really a bad joke, that defies all existing laws of nature, hence, the play house 90 approach for a scientist trying to act like god, as though the most powerful and dynamic forces of the metaphysical could not achieve this otherwise, if it was so intended.

To assume that humans could be physically immortal defies all laws of metaphysics, AND physics. 

That would be to assume that nature will offer up enough time for science to extend the life of the earth indefinitely. 

The issue is side affects. Gene therapy was used to cure the boy-in-the-bubble syndrome. It worked, but all the subjects eventually came down with leukemia (due to a transcription error). We are not as smart as we think we are, and we sometimes do things that seem good at the time but turn out to be very bad.

It's interesting to see how modern science goes the end around, and to try to create a moral spin in order to mimic what the Nazi's were essentially pioneering


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