hey is there any pagans under the age of 25 here?

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lol..yes, if i accept that my last birthday was simply the 14th Anniversary of my 25th Birthday..that way i remain 25 forever!!! MUWHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHA...ok...that was a bit strange..DAMN! Now i feel old...
hehe lol nowt wrong with that
I am i'm 21 going to be 22 in July.
oh cool MM
Last time I checked I was 20. It's not really surprising that paganism tends to be older leaning (seeing as it is almost entirely conversion based.)
I turned 20 a few weeks ago
I'll be 24 in a few months. Been practicing for half my life. Wow how time flies.
I just turned 19 on the 14th
Oh good, I was sure I'd end up being the youngest! :)
I'm 23
I'm 23, 24 in January :)
I'm 19, and I have practiced since age 16, but i've had my visions and things since birth


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