Hello all.

For those who see me from time to time, you probably have seen my talking about other paths but recently I have been interested in hindu mythology, specifically Ganesha and Lakshmi? I won't get into why but was wondering if anyone had websites or book recommendations that I can study with. Thanks!

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"Loving Ganesa" (The book does not spell it with an 'h' in his name), by Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami. Is the best book on Ganesha I have ever seen. You learn about a lot of interesting information such as: Ganeshas powers, pastimes, mantras, nature, science, forms, sacred symbols, milk-drinking miracle, etc. 

Also "Book of Ganesha" by Royina Grewal. This book has stories about him.

I just finished reading it thanks to Ortho posting the link below, and wow! Definitely is an awesome book for all you need to know! EVerything from songs to celebrations and even recipes to try. Just woah! Thanks for the recommendation once again!

OK this is not Hindu specific but I really love the book Encyclopedia of Spirits by Judika Illes.

Try looking up Dan Kingsly's work. He has a very good book on Hindu Goddesses.

totally free reading, no ads, no pop ups no nothing but free Hindu works (all of them)

available at sacred-texts(dot)com, the founder of website wanted to put all sacred texts,

the abrahmic religions, the far east religions, bhuddism Hinduism ,ALL on one webpage library

click Hindu tab

Also I am fairly new, but falling in love with the basic tenants of Hindu, as I understand them so far, I also am discovering the beauty and wisdom of the Hindu tradition, read up on,"" Kashmir Shaivism" with emphasis on TRIKA, from my 40 years of readings, its the closest to how reality really is that I have found, beautiful! and lines up with new science discoveries comin; out quite well I think-send me friend req. if u like, we can learn this stuff! thanks ,-COsmic


WOW Thank you all so much for your replies! I've been dealing with a blizzard so I've been shoveling and whatnot. I will see what I can dig up, thank you all again!

I just read both of these and wow, that's a lot of great information! Thank you so much once again!

Vercetti- I just ordered Loving Ganesa and I can't wait to read it!

Jason- I have the book and looked them up, thanks!

Lady Xoc- I still have to check Dan out, thanks again.

Spiritual- That was a great suggestion. I read some yesterday, thanks.

Hashhashin- Another great suggestion, thank you!

Nephele- That is currently on my wish list! Thanks

Ortho- Thanks! Still have to give these a try!

so glad that helped, ! I learned a lot ,from sacred -texts (com) tons of free easy reading. Library

I am learning a lot as well and I am glad everyone shared sources! It really helps a lot.


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