Hello all.

For those who see me from time to time, you probably have seen my talking about other paths but recently I have been interested in hindu mythology, specifically Ganesha and Lakshmi? I won't get into why but was wondering if anyone had websites or book recommendations that I can study with. Thanks!

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I should have posted a link to it. [x] I think you'll like it because it covers a wide range of goddesses, including Lakshmi's history.

Just ordered it! Looking forward to reading it :] thanks!

I was just thinking the same thing recently! The Hindu deities always draw me in, in awe of them but I've never seriously pursued.

Well Fey I would start researching then. They might be trying to signal you. 

I don't know if anyone has stated this yet but I am reading Invoking Lakshmi which is an eye opening to her as a whole. Similar to Loving Ganesa but for Lakshmi. In case others are also interested :]


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