I have been looking for a song for several years. I believe the song
is called the Weaver of time and it is a Celtic Bardic style tune. As
far as I can tell there isn't any evidence of it online.

 so i guess I am asking if any one would recognize it,

I can type it all up

  And please feel free to leave a note if you like it or night. as far as I know no one seems to know it this time around. 


  There was a young girl of all tender age,

who wished for the future to know.

  She wanted to know what tomorrow held,

and which way her destiny flowed.


  She traveled the hills and the valleys deep,

with naught but the clothes on her back.

  Tell one cold night when she came to a cave,

where there awaited an old woman in black.


  "I know why y've come and I know what ye wish,"

she said to the lass with a smile.

  "Tiss many a day since I've company had"

do come in and sit down by the fire.


  The cavern was filled with skeins of yarn,

on the walls wonderous tapestries hung.

  The old woman sat at a loom of wood,

and the shuttle it flew and it sung.


  " Come sit beside me and take up the thread",

the old woman said to the girl.

  She wove in a day and a starry night,

with a gold thread and needle of pearl.


  And the kingdoms rose and the kingdoms fell,

the tapestry told of it all.

  Of kings and queens, of peace and war

and the sad Angel trumpeters call.


  The years did pass by and the girl she learned,

how the loom it never does lie.

  A single thread snapped and trailed to the ground,

that night the old woman would die.


  She smiled as she lay on her deathbed pale,

"the loom it is yours" she did say.

  "And now I am free but alas you must stay

to weave tell the end of your day." 


  "I do not want it" she cried out in vane,

but the wind stole that candles flame.

  She new t'was no longer a choice to be had, 

for the weaver of time was her name.


any info would be helpful. if not then please let me know what you think. I think its an importent song to sing and this I encourage.

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Wow that is beautiful but it also reminds up to be carefull what we wish for . For we just might get it and it might not be what we realy wanted in the first place
Makes me think of the song "Oh, Gypsy" by the Gypsy Nomads. Hehe.


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