anyone know about the significance or insignificance of ravens

i have a collection of ravens that have decided to make my yard their home and it seems that whenever i go out to feed my animals there are three of them in particular that will sit on the tree branch and coo at me as i tend to the calves and pigs its kinda cool but i was wondering if there was an spiritual reason for them or if the birds just found a place they like

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They are likely waiting to steal some food :)

Here is my totemic raven write up though just in case:
I checked out the site, Youre from AB?
I am from Alberta, yup. Well...I live their now, I am originally from the Kootenays in BC
OH yes ravens (depending on Your religion) are very big. some say that they are messangers and some say they mean death. It all depends upon what you believe. I know that Oden the great norse God Father Of the Norse Gods..his symbol is a ravan and Im pritty sure there is a goddess or two out there that have that same symbol. So If you can I would look it up in some books One that I would recomend would be animal speak. It gives a discription of animals and what they are all about. Other than that I cant give you much more sorry. good luck
Ravens, as a general rule, are not out at night. Hollywood may portray them as night birds, but in reality they are diurnal birds and they sleep at night.
They are supposed to escort the soul into the afterlife. Some beliefs are that they ARE the soul in transit. They represent big changes, spiritual guidance, etc. Check out Animal Speak or similar books.
Great response. Did you write this? If so, wonderful job! if not, can you please cite your reference? Thank you so much for sharing it.
In the Celtic belief the Raven symbolizes the Morrighan,one of our Celtic Warrior Goddesses. She turned into a Raven when picturing war.
And Badb! Badb turns into one and her full name Badb Catha means "battle crow". Well crows are close to ravens, meh.

Here is a badb, or Royston's crow, or hooded crow. THIS is what the Irish thought of when they thought of Badb the Battle Crow.

Ravens are bigger and more common, but it was the hooded crow that was sacred to the Phantom Queen.
Aye.thanks for this too and the pic Coyote Morningstar


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