I have been Pagan for 2 years now, but haven't done any spells. I thought I was ordering a mystery alter kit off of ebay, but I failed to read the or ritual kit. So since I got this kit I thought it would be a good time to learn to do spells. What I got in my mystery kit are Cedar tips, Bearberry, Cat's claw bark, Ginkgo and Hyssop.... so my question is what would be good to use these for? I also got black salt, I know what this is for but is there a certain time to use it to make it more effective or anything?

Thank you in advance

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make a cuppa soup with it

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Just Kidding! lol NO spells and curses please!!! ;)
LMAO! love this
I see from your page that you may or may not be Wicca, you can’t seem to make up your mind. Of course which doesn’t matter I guess, but you know you’re Pagan, suppose that’s a start. lol It’s hard to find a path and sometimes that takes years.

So back to the question; you have to study and read. Some people are on paths for years before they do spells and some people don’t find them necessary.

First of all, about spells: spells are not that simple, get yourself a good book and read up on spells before attempting to “just do a spell.” There are spells for just about everything you can think of; money, energy, protection, health, jobs, sleep, fertility, nightmares, etc. etc. etc.

What kind of spell do you want to do? What do you need? What do you want?

At the risk of repeating myself find a good book that explains the Magickal Uses of Herbs, that’s one way to start, but you must be prepared to study, study, study, which means read, read, read.

In the meantime, a fun thing you can do with what you received from eBay is to start your own “Magickal Closet.” Put them in a jar, label them, store them, and when you come across a spell you want to try, it may call for some of the herbs you have.

The internet can also be a good source for the magickal uses of herbs.

Good luck on finding your path.
I agree Jana there are a lot more books on Magickal Herb now then When I first started. as well as loads of info on the Internet on Tables of Correspondence of Herbs. The Witches Almanac of Herbs is also useful.
I guess I need to update my page lol. Wicca is not my path, i've read on it quite a bit but it didn't feel like it was for me. I guess I can pretty much say that I just follow my own path. Right now i'm reading spirit of the witch by Raven Grimassi. As far as spells, sorry I didn't explain myself better, I didn't want to just do spells to just be doing them, I just want to feel more connected, widen my horizons I guess you could say. To me it would be like a prayer. I have no interests what so ever in curses, hexes, etc. I'm into cleansing, protection and health. I have done one spell (forgot about this, it was quite awhile back) that I had found somewhere on the net, using a besom to sweep out negative energy. I also have 2 crystals cleansed and charged. Good idea on the magical closet, I had changed my mind on using them right now as we might be moving to a different house soon, i'd rather use them there. For cleansing, my mother has white sage and the black salt I decided to wait till we move to use it as well. Do you have any suggestions on herb books? I've been looking up quite a bit on different herbs and what their properties are but I think reading books on them will help me out more than the net will. I also love using essential oils for many different reasons, need to find me a book on that as well. Ty for your reply Jana
I could put that and some in my mortar and pestle and make you one hell of an incense. My first serious question is, what are you looking to do? Do you have a task in which you need done? A spell, to me, is like a prayer, in a way but to your self. It is something that allows you the practicing witch to bend to your will a change in your surroundings, and environment. So What changes do you wish to make? And then there is this other little factor, I would like you to think about. after casting your spell, are you going to follow through with the Mundane in order to ensure success, or sit on you r duff and wait for it to come to fruition? Now I am not saying that you personally are lazy ok?

Another way to think of Spells or spell casting, or spell crafting, is like planting a seed. What fruit do you wish to grow. If you need more help pleases feel free to add me, and ask as many questions as you need.
In light and in Darkness
Thats pretty much what i'm going for, is more like a prayer, something to make me feel more connected. What I would be doing it for is protection, health and cleansing. I've decided to wait to see if were moving before I use any of it. Ty for the add invite, I will add you as soon as i'm done with replies =)

P.S. That is a great way to think of spells
Bearberry has a different name on it with the bearberry name, looks like its spelled uva ursi? not sure as it also looks like its spelled uua ursi. I'll have to look that up lol. I'm always looking for ways to expand my mind and body, it's usually through meditation, so I don't know how I would use ginkgo to do that. Ty for your reply and I will be using the salt on a full moon at the new house if we move, if not i'll be using it here.
Do you have your alter set up? BB&MM LR


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