Anyone practicing Buddhism in addition to a polytheist path.

I am curious to know if there are folks practicing a Buddhist lifestyle as an enhancement to their polytheist spiritual path.

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I guess I do in some ways. I practice Tai Chi and Shaolin Chin Na Fa. Even though Tai Chi was developed under Taoism, which started much later than Buddhism, it has many of the same principles. Both forms help to bring balance and control to your heart, mind, and soul.

On another note, I was given a Buddha statue several years ago by a Cuban lady who practiced Santeria and the African Powers. I also have a tattoo of Buddha on my stomach which is pictured below.

My Buddha Tattoo

Sounds like a leaning toward yes to me.  Very good.

That's actually not the Buddha. He's just a  Bodhisattva who non Buddhists mistake as Buddha.

From the link you gave:

"Going back to Maitreya Buddha or Happy Fat Buddha as he is normally called, is said to come when mankind is in need to be reminded of the Dharma. At present Maitreya Buddha is at present said to be living in Tusita Heaven, a celestial place where celestial Bodhisattvas are said to reside. In Tusita Heaven, it is said in the Buddhist scriptures, Maitreya Buddha constantly recites mantras and sutras for us. He also continuously gets lessons in preparation for his coming to earth where he’ll achieve enlightenment within 7 days and become a Buddha so that he can impart to us the Dharma."

Thanks for the info.

Thanks Enigma for printing the link.

Yes 10th century China I think. Often called the Happy buddha. You see him a lot in Chinese eating establishments. 

Not Buddhism per se, I'm studying Shinto.

In Japan very often Shinto is practiced along side Buddhism. That is one of the reasons I raised the question. It looks like where ever buddhism has traveled  it is often practiced along side the local religions so why not amongst western pagans too. Besides being a member of the druid group ADF I also practice Pure Land or Shin Buddhism.

Yup.  Buddhism does its own little spin on every religion it touches, Shinto is no exception, but it's not that detrimental.

I used to as a teenager. Now, I just take to philosophical Buddhism. I don't practice the religion, at all. Buddhism is compatible with almost all paths.

That is the direction I’ve been drawn lately too. I like the principals and I feel like it has helped me grow as a person and meditation has been helping me find the answers to a lot of questions that have been on my mind lately. It’s refreshing.

I practice a little Nichiren Buddhism along with studying a polytheistic Gaulish, Nordic, and Celtic spiritual path. I find it very helpful and centering, along with providing me with another community who is very supportive!


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