This has been bugging me for some time since I started my path in Paganism over nine years ago. Is it appropriation when the Lwa or Orishas have called on you though you are not of that culture? I have felt extremly close to Shango who has helped me through some tough times. I have always gave him the proper respect to the best of my ability, honoring him on his days feeding him as well as asking Papa Legba for opening the crossroads. I never claimed that I am practicing Santeria, Ifa, New Orleans, Polo or any other Voodoo practice. I never claim that i am a priest of his or sell stuff that culture. I never looked him up and said thats who i want to honor he showed interests in me. 

Thank you all for your responses. 

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It might benefit you to put this in forum search here ,

as this horse has been beaten to death ( poor horse )

many , many , times over many , many years...;)


I would follow my heart. We humans are not meant to be segregated or should strive for 'purity' in everything. (There is no 'pure' culture, btw.) If this is what calls you, who can stop you? You are not trying to capitalize on it and you're not trying to be disrespectful. 

thank you for your input

I used to feel apprehensive about connecting to/honouring Goddesses and Gods from cultures that I am not linked to in my physical existence. But you know what? ~ I grew out of that... totally.

We are souls in physical bodies. It does not matter one dot where you genetic ancestry is from if a God or Goddess from another culture connects with you, or you connect with them.

It is a private soul/spirit contact between you and them.

To be honest I don't care who's culture I appropriate. The political correctness around that is something I bypass.. ! I show respect to other cultures sure, but if their Gods want to talk to me, I ain't gonna turn my face away. They've come to me for a reason... believe it!

I follow the Norse/Asatru Gods. I have not one streak of Scandinavian in me.. (that i know of - till i do my DNA test!) But they chose me, and I answered the call.

Don't worry about it.. 

Thats my take anyhow ☻

thank you rhian

Good post. I agree, if we see it in such an immaterial manner. This shells (our bodies) are just temporary, and our souls are what is really important.

I feel like this is hard question to answer, Appropriation means to take for ones own use, so if you feel these entities called to you before you were attracted to them. Then I would say no its not appropriation, but if you just stumbled across these ideals and concepts in pop culture or fantasy media outlets and then decided to use them then yes I would say that is appropriation. It really all comes down to the initial experience you had with these entities. Like if you had a dream where they came to you(called on so to speak) and you had only seen these concepts in passing then I would say seems like a legitimate calling, however if you found these ideas and became attracted to it on your own then seems like you are calling them not vice versa...Id have to admit some forms of my practice are by calling and others by appropriation, though I always feel some connection at some level that's why I'm drawn to certain paths but at times I cant say that I was called upon specifically. But to an extent I also believe in "destiny" and "Fate" so I believe most times that there's a reason behind my calling regardless of which ever way the calling is directed from.

Sometimes It Is A Memory






Is that a decorated hula hoop in the 2nd video?

Yeah , think so...

Artistic liberties of the modern age , you know ?

( I just love the music , and atmosphere in general )


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