This has been bugging me for some time since I started my path in Paganism over nine years ago. Is it appropriation when the Lwa or Orishas have called on you though you are not of that culture? I have felt extremly close to Shango who has helped me through some tough times. I have always gave him the proper respect to the best of my ability, honoring him on his days feeding him as well as asking Papa Legba for opening the crossroads. I never claimed that I am practicing Santeria, Ifa, New Orleans, Polo or any other Voodoo practice. I never claim that i am a priest of his or sell stuff that culture. I never looked him up and said thats who i want to honor he showed interests in me. 

Thank you all for your responses. 

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Just Remember , Niteowl :

If You Are Working With Your Own

Or Another Culture's Magic


I always
I do think I have my answer and that what I have been doing I will still keep doing. The more I think about it and feedback ive been getting and the experiences I have I do believe it's legit. I'll keep giving respect as best I can to Shango and enjoy my journey with him.

I am happy that you are following your heart. :)

There is many similarities between legba and cernunnos. Even Baphomet is an abbrevation (sry if I spelled that wrong) of this type of being.

Why are you bringing the androgynous aspects of

Baphomet into a conversation dealing with Shango ,

or even Legba ?

The only similarities between Cernunnos and Baphomet ,

are they are both symbolic representations of an ancient

code system , by gematria ; different cultures , different

times , different societies of practitioners of an old magic...

The OP was asking about Shango , and cultural appropriation...;)

If we were dealing with symbolism , and similarities , one

thing that would be appropriate to the situation , would be

similarities between the Axe of Shango , the Stregha symbol

of the double bladed Axe , and the Cretan double bladed Axe...

Now that would be something possible of deep interest to Niteowl...;)

I was just mentioning other religions... Isn't this post about appreciating other religions?

Here you see legba or eleggua:

And this is proto-shiva. As you see there is a lot of similarities:

No , it is about ***appropriating*** , not

*appreciating* other cultures' religions...

Two *totally* different words , with different

meanings and intent !

( if one is posting on a board mainly in English ,

it is good , and necessary to pay attention to language )...;)

I did mention Legba but for opening the crossroads.

I know , Niteowl...:)

That is why I asked Midrash why he was bringing in

the other symbolism , rather than staying focused on

your question , or something closely related...

Such as I mentioned ; The Axe of Shango...

These columns are from the Tradition I work with , and

teach...please note the sixth symbol down on right :

Please also note that column has a number value for

the eight symbols , of 603 ; yet , in gematria , 604 = Blood ;

Now please note where the Axe comes from :

( and this symbol means among other meanings , "Death

Or Transformation , Destruction Of Old To Make Way For New ,

Inevitable Fate Or Change , Chaos Containing Higher Order ,

Dust , ( Thus two together equal "Dust Unto Dust" ) , and Sodium )

Please note overlap of cultures , as I stated in my last post :


* Aerr - Rrea - Dea With Dea- Na  *


As I have attempted to show in previous threads

where the traditions came from through the code ,

and how the original signal was distorted ,

and information lost , let me assist

in clearing up the missed understanding of the

modern views of Aradia and Diana , and what the

real truth is

underneath the substitute for that lost information




As One May See

Aerr - Rrea - Dea

Makes The Shape Of The Double Axe

which in the


is her symbol


Aerrrreadea and Deana

have a number value of


( Thus We Say Her Daughter )

( A Single Goddess / Mother Column = 603 )


I have thought about looking up the Minoan culture. Has come up a couple of times b4. looks like I may need to this time.


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