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Archons seek to rule like the name implies. They have been called by various names and explained in a variety of ways by different cultures. I do believe in the concept of archons but I am unsure of which culture has the most accurate perception.

Much is lost and/or changed in translation. The original archaic texts about archons and similar entities can loose focus when translated to English and other modern languages making our perception blurry.

There are different schools of Gnosticism and they see the Demiurge and Archons differently.

There are stark differences between Sethian and Valentinian Gnosticism.

Valentinian Gnosticism 

True, many different cultures describes them either evil , star visitors or other. I have noticed by the video I shared that these descriptions are changing.

To be honest I didn't see the video. Kind of embarrassing. I'll go and check it out. 

I believe in Archons

Yes, I do as well. From what I understand that they work with demiurge and they feed off negative (especially when something tramatic happens ie. Murder, suicide or a really bad accident) energy. 

YES!! I see them all the time on social media. They have Modernize their appearance. 


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