I read this statement made me think goes like this : ALL ANIMALS THE HIGH AND THE LOW ARE ONE WITH NATURE IF WE HAVE THE WISDOM TO LEARN ALL THEY TEACH US THEIR VIRTUES MANKIND MIGHT BE BETTER : made me think how are we as human the most dangerous specie on this planet this why myself well one of many many reasons i choose to learn from my power animals I just want to know what your all thoughts on it .


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nature has a few tricks up her sleeve, this guy has enough to venom to kill 40 adults...anyone seen fluffy?

On a lighter note....

Dragon failed to mention that this pig is in fact dead and that this doggy LOVES pigs ears...
sometimes its better to leave out some details....
we shouldn't delude ourselves from reality just b/c our delusions are prettier ;)
Ok ill try this... vicious, alien creatures attack persons thumb...

I know what I'm adding to my birthday wish list...
In a word... No.
Besides animals know how to work out their issues..

see what im talking about...

I don't know how this pertains to anything relating to this thread but, virtue is a virtue in itself. Are animals then virtuous or do they only contain certain things that are perceived as virtues but in themselves not virtuous...Oh and if a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? Oh! Oh and how much wood COULD a wood chuck chuck....
Dictionary.Com defines virtue as "Conformity of one's life and conduct to moral and ethical principles." Animals do not act in this fashion, with thought to moral and ethical conduct. They act like animals, thus virtue, as a concept, is irrelevant to the conduct of animals.

Other than that, if a tree falls in the forest and nothing is there to hear it, then no there is no sound, only vibrational energy. And we could only know how much wood a wood chuck could chuck, "If a wood chuck could chuck wood."


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