I read this statement made me think goes like this : ALL ANIMALS THE HIGH AND THE LOW ARE ONE WITH NATURE IF WE HAVE THE WISDOM TO LEARN ALL THEY TEACH US THEIR VIRTUES MANKIND MIGHT BE BETTER : made me think how are we as human the most dangerous specie on this planet this why myself well one of many many reasons i choose to learn from my power animals I just want to know what your all thoughts on it .


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You seem pretty confident answering those age old questions...are you haughty or a genius? Maybe a haughty genius...hmmm

*sighs* pup you are quickly working your way up my list of favorite ps members ;)
I like "Haughty Genius". I will go with that one.
now animals don't betray ,make funny of people , kill for no reasons humans is one most cruelest animal on this planet

Look I found one of the only creatures besides man,who forever impacts its environment...

monkeys do! they do all of that, but then again I think it runs in the family
i had a small hobby farm once,and i was raising pigs etc.a sheep gave birth in the far stall ,and all was well for the next few hours,when i went out check again on the new mom,one of my sows had broken out of her stall and into the sheeps,and savaged the lamb,,chewed off her feet.i had to kill the lamb,,,and that sow was not hungry,,,just savage.and another time i put 2 rabbits together for breeding and i guess she didnt want to,,holy shit was that a horrible fight to see,i had no ideas rabbits could be so harsh,,,needless to say i got scratched up a fair bit seperating them.and i have also heard of male cats killing kittens!!!
Are you perchance talking about the lion who becomes the new "boss" in the pride (by defeating the leading male) killing - and even eating - all the cubs who were sired by the former leading male?

Or chimps killing and eating each other?

...you want more examples of "virtues"?
partly may boil down to the survival of the fittest.like thunder said animal dont really have virtues,maby qualitys..
There have been snakes and sharks that see people as food and not just mistaken identity.

There's debate on rather viruses are actually "alive".
It doesn't have a brain. How do you know its even conscious and aware?
Could you maybe use science to support what you have to say?

And also plants aren't on the same level that I am talking about. Single celled organisms are not classified as animals nor is plants. From your statements all I have to say to you is, just how much to you factor genes into everything?


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