Often I feel like I lifetime of being single might be my destiny for some reason.

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I love being single....   Been that way for 26yrs and do not regret it. I have all the

time for enjoying the planet I live on. Traveling is in my nature and besides I was 6 or 7

when I knew I was destined to be single.  So embrace and cherish it for I am A master of

solitude.                  LIVE A DREAM

I like that. How to you keep the drooling idiots away who aren't perceptive enough to realise you are not interested?
Life is an existentialist nightmare, yes. I suspect it is a question of accommodation, but I refuse to believe I was made to serve and suck cock to make up for my lack of beauty :)
"make up for my lack of beauty"

that's not necesary
wow.. thats harsh dont you think ?? "to serve and suck cock to make up for my lack of beauty"... i really hope you dont feel like that... it be a shame if you did...
Lack of beauty? You are smoking hot. In my life I've never seen an ugly woman. Each woman is beautiful. Her beauty is unique to herself, different than others. I see women as a field of wildflowers, so many colours, sweet fragrant smells, beauty that makes you fall into a dream when you see them. All women are representations of the Goddess. All deserve love and respect.
That is nice, but reality is a meat market, Stan, and I put all my energies in traits which do not find any demand, so I am not desireable.
I am uglier than you Marie and I get hit on, but its due to confidence not because of looks solely.

You wanna criticise my fucking confidence now, Xoc? Whatever I say its gonna be my fault.

I prefer staying single because I won't lay myself on my back for some sucker who's gonna ignore me anyway when he is not mistaking me for a 3rd class (super-cheap) porn star.

One day I will do the pretentious, narcissist dancy-dance and will pretend to be happy with that, just not now. I am old enough to know I attract stupid, I don't need to know the reason when the result turns me off enough.

THX, I wish to not talk about it. I wish also no lectures on the presumable lack of my 'confidence'.

I'll clarify so don't get your panties in a bunch....


Marie: but I refuse to believe I was made to serve and suck cock to make up for my lack of beauty.


Everyone else: You're not ugly, girl yo' crazeh.


Me: That's funny because I am uglier than you and I get guys by confidence, ( I also make them leave me alone, like you.)  so I'd say it was more about confidence than aesthetics.


You: rawr rawr "let's take it  outside woman!"


Actually your overreaction makes me laugh because I was not trying to imply what you said I was. I never insulted you, in fact I complimented you. Its ok Marie, you can take a complement.






Let me put it like this:

I am a 10 USD-"pretty" Steak, but I require the effort you have to invest in a 80USD-"pretty" steak. I require this effort because I come with crazy tuned side oder 'personality' which is mainly regarded as a plate filler and not actually why you got into the restaurant.

I did not invest in 'exciting slut ride' because I got distracted from regarding that as important as it apparently is. <-.If others have this, great, but I want to hear no critique that I did not invest in becoming exciting in such a way. If you are a more exciting ride than the one in Disney Land, you get complimented for your 'great personality' anyway. however, I will not lie and pretend that others really are able to get a grasp on it ('personality') in the first place. I experienced especially males to be painfully oblivious to it, and I am not narcissistic enough to not see that.

No one with half an economic brain buys the 10USD steak for 80USD.

I may be pretty, but I am lacking the beauty (genetic quality) that would justify the effort that I require.

I think you suffer from poor self image, although I'm not sure way. I think you're reading way too much into it Marie.


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