Are you worthy? Man builds working Thor's Hammer only he can lift

Man builds working Theor's Hammer, only he can lift

A passerby tries to lift engineer Allen Pan's Mjolnir. Video screenshot by Michelle Starr/CNET

In Marvel comics, Thor's legendary hammer Mjolnir is famous for being able to be wielded only by the worthy. For the unworthy, i.e., literally everyone except Thor and the odd someone else from time to time (a handy loophole for writers), Mjolnir simply cannot be lifted off the ground.

It is this property that electrical engineer Allen Pan, aka Sufficiently Advanced on YouTube, decided to replicate in his very own take on a "working" Mjolnir.

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I thought it was pretty awesome. It was a creative project.

I agree, did he use magnets

Right?  My son would love this.

forget your son, I would love to own that


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